Console Vaults – Safety, Security and Peace of Mind


Vehicles have been equipped with glove compartments for years upon years, but very few drivers utilize these storage spaces for any type of gloves or other driving accessories. The majority of individuals use their glove compartments and center consoles to store their vehicle registration, insurance information, and a variety of other valuables and useful items. The unfortunate truth is that most burglars that target vehicles look in these areas for items to steal, and it simply is not safe to trust a non-locking compartment. Even many center consoles that have a small locking mechanism are fairly easy to break into, and a driver should never become complacent and believe their items are safe in a normal enclosure. Individuals that are looking for true security and way to achieve peace of mind need to consider the installation of one or more console vaults, and many people are pleasantly surprised to discover that they are not nearly as difficult to install as most people believe. In fact, backyard mechanics can quite easily handle the task without using any type of hard to find tools or expensive professional assistance.

There are a variety of different console vaults available on the market today, and a consumer really needs to determine what they need to keep safe prior to choosing the most suitable model. If a person is looking to safeguard a small amount of cash or jewelry, there are flat trays that can actually install directly into an existing center console. Once the manufacturer’s console is lifted, there is a key hole that when unlocked will reveal a small inch deep tray. These types of console vaults are most suitable for small keys, money, jewelry, or other types of valuables that can fit.

An individual that carries a weapon in their vehicle certainly needs to take precautions to ensure that it never falls into the wrong hands, and many consumers rely on console vaults to provide the desired peace of mind and security. The locking mechanisms vary from model to model, but most of these products all possess a fairly deep well that can install into an existing console. No matter how a person decides that they would like to access their console vault, the most popular way to access gun safes is by key pad. By simply pressing in the password, the safe will immediately be allowed to open enabling a consumer to reach their weapon fast in the event of an emergency. Some incredibly expensive products are available that automatically recognize a person’s fingerprint, but most consumers will not have a need for this much technology.

The largest types of console vaults will actually replace the manufacturer’s original equipment, and these are often much more difficult to install. Removing the front seats may be necessary, as will drilling into the actual frame of the car. If a backyard mechanic is not comfortable with this type of installation, it may be better to allow the install job to be completed by a professional. The good news, however, is that most of the console vaults are smaller and can be placed in an existing unit and bolted in properly.

Every consumer would like to view their vehicle as an extension of their personal property, but it is important to remember that it can be hard to keep items safe in most cars. Installing one or more console vaults will make it possible for a driver to lock their valuables in a secure fashion. Even if the vehicle is taken to the automotive dealership or a repair facility, the mechanics will have no way to access the console faults because they are not keyed the same way as a standard glove compartment. With the ease of install, it truly is possible for anyone to experience the safety, security, and peace of mind that comes along with appropriately storing valuables in a safe area.

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