Extremely Helpful Auto Products


There are several automotive products that can be extremely helpful in maintaining your car’s appearance and performance. These products are not expensive to buy and are well worth the investment in making a routine car maintenance easier. One of the first products that you need to have in your trunk is Lucas gasoline additive. You put this product into your tank according to the manufacturer’s instructions when you fill it with gas. It helps to keep the engine clean and can actually help you save on your gas mileage. It can be found at any automotive or major retail store and is very inexpensive to buy.

De-icer is another product that you need to have around for your vehicle. During the winter months it can speed up the process of defrosting frozen lock, helping to open a stuck door and to remove ice from your windshield. It’s also very useful during an ice storm when your windshield wipers seemed to be glued to your windshield. You can spray it on and pull them up with ease. This is much better than trying to use boiling water to unfreeze a lock.

To keep your car clean, Armor All is one of the best products around and is relatively inexpensive. A bottle of it will last you for quite a while and is well worth the investment. It can clean vinyl, plastic and leather car interior by only using a small amount that is wiped off with a cotton towel. It easily removes dust and other dirt that comes in through your car’s air conditioner will driving. It also provides a layer of protection from the sun which can often crack dashboards over time.

Fix a Flat is a must-have emergency product to keep in your trunk with your jumper cables. If you have a flat tire it is not too severely damaged, you can attach the hose on the can to your tires pressure valve and depress the button on the top of the can. As you hold it down, it injects a foam material into the tire to temporarily seal the leak while at the same time re-inflating the tire. It gives you enough air pressure so that you can slowly drive somewhere to get it fixed. The important thing is to tell the mechanic you used Fix a Flat before he or she begins the repair.

All of these products are well made and provide you with simple solutions for your car needs. Their inexpensive cost and easy to store size makes them the perfect additions to your car care toolkit.

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