Finding a good auto glass replacement shop


No matter where you live or the make and model of your vehicle, chances are that you will need to find a reliable auto glass repair shop at some point in the future. And while locating an honest shop can seem difficult, there are a few steps that you can take to narrow the process.

You are taking a short drive to the local grocery store when a rock smacks into your windshield, creating a ding mark or crack. Your first reaction is to panic. After all, the driver who caused the damage is long gone, and even if you were to catch them, how could you prove that the rock came from their vehicle? You know that filing an insurance claim for the repair could cause your rates to skyrocket, but then again, leaving the damage to its own could cost more money in the long run. Fixing the damage yourself is out of the question, since your skills are more along the lines of a weekend mechanic.

No matter if you pay for the repair out of your own pocket or choose to file an insurance claim, it is important to find a local, reliable auto glass repair shop. The key to locating a shop with the best reputation, reasonable prices, and experienced technicians involves a bit of heavy research. Asking friends or family for a recommended technician may only lead to long, drawn out accounts of poor experiences, since these tend to stick with our memories much more often than the positive ones.

The first step toward finding a good auto glass replacement shop involves research. Reliable recommendations for replacement shops in the area can be obtained through the Better Business Bureau, the local Chamber of Commerce, new and used auto dealers, and other auto repair shops. Your search should begin by contacting these entities to ask for a recommended auto glass establishment. When calling, ask the person who answers why they recommended the person or business that they do, as this will provide you with an additional degree of reliability. After all, if the technician at ABC Tire and Lube recommends XYZ Auto Glass Repair because it is owned by his brother, chances are the recommendation could be biased. On the other hand, if the recommendation is given because the establishment has provided timely returns on repair orders, you can be assured that the information you receive is factual.

Next, make a list of recommended auto glass replacement shops. Obtain current contact information though the telephone directory or online. Create a list of questions you would like to ask the repair technician, such as the price, estimated time for repair, years of service in the current or other locations, and references of previous work, among other questions based on your personal needs. In addition, you should ask if the technician is willing to complete the repair at your home or if you are required to deliver the vehicle to their shop. If you plan to contact a number of auto glass shops, remember to remain consistent in asking these questions.

Based on the answers to these questions, rank the shops in terms of price, return time, convenience, location, or any other factors that you feel are important. It is also important to remember that, although a lower price may save you a small amount of money, it may also indicate less experience or poor quality products.

Finally, keep in mind that a good, honest, reliable auto glass replacement technician is more likely to take time with potential customers to explain the auto repair process, the proposed timeline, and provide an accurate estimate. They are eager to answer questions and earn your business. And, while the search for a good auto glass replacement shop may seem tedious, locating one that you can trust is well worth the effort.

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