Foreign Versus Domestic- Making Your Decision


Deciding what type of vehicle to buy is difficult enough, but deciding between a foreign and domestic vehicle can be almost impossible. While it might be your desire to purchase a domestic vehicle, there are all manner of benefits from purchasing a foreign vehicle that might sway your decision the other way. In addition, there are all manner of benefits to purchasing a domestic vehicle as well. First and foremost, repairing an American vehicle is generally far simpler than repairing a foreign vehicle. This is due to the larger engine bay and easy access to all of the components. Proponents of the foreign vehicle might make the claim that the domestic vehicle also requires repair more often. This is very likely true, as most foreign vehicles have a much higher resale value as well as a tendency to run longer without the need for repairs. Whatever type of vehicle you might require, it is critical to understand how often it will require repairs as well as the cost of those repairs when they are required.

It is also important to ascertain the nature of your need for a vehicle before making this type of decision. Foreign vehicles tend to be much smaller than American vehicles, making it very uncomfortable for the larger frame of most American bodies. If you have large people in your family or a large family to begin with, a foreign vehicle might simply be unacceptable for your needs. In this case, you should look for an American vehicle for the extra room and space that they deliver. While you can’t always predetermine who will be using the vehicle, it only makes sense to make sure that you accommodate everyone that might require space in the vehicle during locomotion. If this is not a consideration, then you can certainly purchase the foreign vehicle without fear.

If the people in your family are not as large or you have a very small family, then the foreign vehicle will very likely do just fine. If you intend to take extremely long trips or keep the vehicle on the road for an excessive amount of time, it is important to remember that foreign vehicles generally get better gas mileage and usually last longer than American vehicles. It is a well-documented fact that many American car manufacturers intentionally design their vehicles to break down after a certain amount time in order to create repeat customers. While this is certainly a good idea for the manufacturer, it leaves the consumer out in the cold to a certain extent. This is one good reason for purchasing a foreign vehicle in and of itself.

Whatever decision you wind up making, it is important to consider all of the ins and outs of the different types of automobiles before making up your mind. The differences between domestic and foreign vehicles are like night and day and make for a very difficult choice for many individuals. While some are enamored of the tremendous power that the American V-8 can deliver, others are more interested in the longevity and resale value that are offered by the foreign vehicles.

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