Guide to Finding the Best Car in Government Auctions


Government auctions are some of the best places to find good cars for more than affordable prices. No where else can someone find newer cars for less than a few thousand dollars, and sometimes less at a Government auction. Cars that are sold in auctions are usually cars that have been repossessed, or cars that have been seized in a drug sting. Cars also come from trade ins at a car lot, or even IRS repossessions that have been repossessed from people who owe large amounts in back taxes. It used to be where car auctions were a closed auction that was not open to the public, but now, anyone can go to an auction and bid for a car. The trick is knowing how to find these auctions, and to know when and where they will take place. The great thing about auctions is that if a bid gets to be too high for someone’s budget, they can just stop the bidding, and the car will go to someone else whose bid wins. No one is ever stuck with a car that they did not want. A person can bid on any car that they like, but they are the ones who are ultimately calling the shots. There will be plenty of cars to bid on, and most likely, someone will walk out of the auction with a car that fits well within their budget. Government auctions will have luxury cars, SUV’s, and pickup trucks to choose from. Many of them are newer type cars.

Before going to an auction, a person should find out what type of cars they will have to bid on. A person does not want to bid on cars that have been known to break down all the time, and this is the reason that it is being auctioned. A person wants a good and reliable car to bid for a cheaper price than what most people would get from a car lot. There are no monthly payments, it is all done with cash up front. A person will also need to ensure that they can afford to buy a car when they attend an auction. It can be heartbreaking if someone finds the perfect car for them, but they are unable to afford it. Buying cheaper cars from an auction can also be an investment for some people. They can buy the car and then sell it later for a higher price. Car auctions are mostly for people who cannot afford to buy a new car. Most people find very affordable cars at an auction for a fraction of the cost that they would spend at a car lot. Cars at a car lot can cost up to $6000. At a car auction, a person can bid on a car that would normally sell for $6000, for only $300. There is a huge notable difference in the price that a person can save when buying a car at an auction. Most cars in an auction are sold at 95% off.

If the government did not hold auctions, these cars would just be sitting and collecting dust in government appointed garages. To find government auctions, a person can visit the government auctions website which will give them a listing of the cars being sold at each auction, where the auctions will take place, and when they will transpire. People can put their own zip code into the search engine to find out where government auctions will be shown in their area. There are over 4000 auctions that go on at any certain time in the United States, and there are auctions that happen on a weekly basis. People who become members of the government auction website will also receive an auction guide that will give them all of the information they will need on all cars being sold, as well as details on auction contacts.

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