How To Prepare For Your Driving Test


Taking the driving test is often portrayed as one of those necessary and sometimes intimidating steps to personal freedom through a license to drive an automobile. While many test takers are already fairly familiar with the concept of driving and the rules of the road, the driving test still requires preparation to make the process as smooth as possible.

It may seem like a silly thing to do, but a great place to begin is to review the handbook for taking the written test to obtain a permit. The basics of the rules of the road are contained here in an easy to use format, and serves as a wonderful refresher and handy guidebook to many of the situations found in the driving test situation.

After reviewing the permit handbook, aspiring driving test takers should make sure to practice with a suitable driving instructor as much as possible. For some this might be a professional, for others a friend or a relative. Having another person in the vehicle will introduce the the aspiring test taker to safe multitasking and perhaps a few stressful situations where things may not go as plans. Undoubtedly the same kind of tension can arise during the driving test, so working through these situations is an excellent way to learn how to stay calm, cool, and collected while driving.

Keeping with the element of practice, students should learn the idiosyncrasies of the vehicle they plan to drive regularly, especially if that is the vehicle they plan to drive during the driver’s test. Not every vehicle is the same, and reducing panic and confusion over a certain automobile’s quirks or settings by practicing with it will shape a better, more alert student. However, it is also wise to learn to adapt to other types of vehicles – such as an SUV and a truck – to see what the feeling is like in one of them.

In the case of a driver’s education course or driving school class equivalent, students should take note of the matters the instructor stresses and ask questions when they don’t understand. As it is much more difficult to stop and find a reference behind the wheel, getting these questions out of the way now will ensure proper preparation to handle operating a vehicle in a safe and responsible manner.

Next, reviewing the driver’s test format for the state in question. Most department of motor vehicles divisions have excellent websites that detail the process and the required tasks, allowing for specialized practice and preparation. If there is a certain weak skill that will undoubtedly be tested, such as K turns or parallel parking, the aspiring driving test taker can make sure to review the procedure and practice in order to pass the driving test.

A final tip for nervous test takers is to role-play the driving test situation out in order to calm nerves. Having a friend or relative with a clipboard checking off the required tasks might be a little intimidating, but is a surefire way to address the test taking environment head on.

While it may seem like a lot of reviewing and unnecessary practice, repeatedly performing the skills required to pass the driving test and having a solid foundation in the rules of the road creates more prepared drivers that are not only able to handle the stress of the driving test, but real life driving situations as well.

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