How to Save Gas by Driving Smart


It’s expensive to live these days. There are many expenses you have no control over, the price of gas being a perfect example of such expense. While you may not be able to determine how much you will pay at the pump, a conscientious driver can decide how far a tank of gas will get them. Here is how you can save gas by driving smart.

I practically live in my car. Fast food wrappers, old mail, and discarded clothing adorn the cabin of my vehicle. I couldn’t even tell you what all I have in the trunk. It was only after a massive cleaning binge that I realized my car got better gas mileage. Why, you may ask? All the old yard sale items cluttering up my trunk added weight to the vehicle, which in turn caused the engine to work harder just to get from point A to point B. If an engine has to work harder, it will have to consume more gas. Therefore, by removing unused items from my vehicle, I was able to improve the gas mileage it go.

Another way I save gas by driving smart is by obeying the speed limit. Vehicles get their optimal miles per gallon ratio around speeds of 30 to 50 mph. Granted, interstate or freeway driving does not allow one to drive so cautiously. However, I don’t have to push the limit at 80 mph, either. In the same respect, I try to maintain a constant speed while driving in the city as well. Continuous stopping and starting is not only hard on my vehicle’s brakes and inner mechanisms, it’s a great way to waste gas. I just practice my patience, keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of me, and pay attention to street lights and road signs.

Keeping my tires inflated to the correct PSI is another way I save gas by driving smart. We often take vehicles for granted, forgetting that they are finely tuned mechanical instruments that rely on each and every one of their components working together effectively and efficiently to give us the best result of their efforts. You can find the recommended pounds per square inch printed on the side of your tire. Keeping your tires inflated to these recommendations and keeping all of your tires at the same PSI creates less stress for your vehicle and in turn nets you better gas mileage.

Scheduling and maintaining regular tune-ups is a reliable method to saving gas by driving smart. Clean air filters, new spark plugs, clean oil, all of these contribute to your vehicle running properly. Also investing in a higher grade of fuel at the pump can keep your engine clean, therefore increasing your miles driven to gallons consumed ratio. Keeping a healthy car will stretch your dollar when it comes to fuel efficiency and it will cut down on vehicle repair bills as well.

We don’t have to be impassive victims of every trend thrown at us; high gas prices don’t have to become our major monthly expenditure. Keeping a clean car, both mechanically and inside the vehicle, will help you save gas. Driving cautiously and courteously and obeying the recommended posted speed limit is another smart driving move that helps you save gas. Be aware of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Keep the tires inflated properly and all at the same level. Little driving habits like these can make a significant difference in how much gas goes into powering your vehicle versus gas that is unnecessarily wasted.

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