Interesting Automotive Facts


Automobiles have been around a while now, so it’s interesting to go back and discover interesting facts about cars, insurance, repair, and other automotive tidbits.

The first Auto insurance policy was issued in Massachusetts in 1897

In 1916 55% of cars were Model T’s

The first speeding ticket was issued in 1902

Steering wheels were not equipped on the first cars made. Drivers used a lever to steer.

Cleveland Ohio is the site of the first traffic light, installed in 1914

Car radios were introduced in 1930

The first toll road appeared in 1830 along what is now highway 40 in Pennsylvania

Seat belts were not mandatory until 1973

Ford produced over 14 million model T’s between 1908 and 1920

Auto accidents occur every 5 seconds, and someone dies in an auto accident every 12 minutes

Most American Car horns sound at the key of F

The interstate system was implemented for military purposes by Dwight D. Eisenhower.

The total costs of exhibits in the Detroit auto show are over 200 million dollars.

The Detroit Auto show started in 1907

The Volkswagen “Beetle” was proposed by Adolf Hitler and was designed by Ferdinand Porsche

Porsche currently owns 31% of Volkswagen Car Company

Cars fueled by hydrogen are said to be the car of the future

Airbags move up to 4500 mph when deployed

The world’s largest traffic jam was 110 miles long, between Paris and Lyon.

The first known automobile was made in 1668. It was 2 feet long and steam powered

The first American car race was held in 1895 and ran from Chicago to Evanston

The cost of a car in 1924 was $247

In 1950, the United States had 70% of all automobiles in the world

Even in 1905, people worried about car theft. The Bosco Company unveiled a rubber collapsible driver to dissuade theft.

In 2006, there were 260,000 car fires. 75% of those were due to poor maintenance.

Yes, times have certainly changed! Today, the automotive industry is trying to come up with ways to decrease air pollution, increase fuel efficiency, and ease safety and economic concerns. Most families own at least one car, and with the public transportation system in the United States being less than adequate, cars are a necessity.

Getting from point A to point B is not the only consideration now. People want convenience options to make the commute more enjoyable. Back when cars were first produced, driver enjoyment was the last priority. Drivers are more concerned about safety, and yet, more than ever pour money into the “need for speed” in the way of NASCAR racing and other events. The price of cars doubled from the 1950’s to the 1960’s and continues to rise. Aesthetics are more important to auto buyers today than in the automobile’s early years.

Along with technology come hazards. It is said that driving while talking or texting on a cell phone is more dangerous than driving drunk. More and more people have their attention averted while driving by modern technology installed in cars, such as DVD players and GPS systems. Advancements aren’t always advancements in the automotive industry; sometimes, they are set-backs!

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