Is the Minivan or SUV the Best Choice for Your Household?

If you want to start trouble within a group of moms, you only have to ask them one simple question: Are minivans better than SUVs? The ensuing argument should serve to highlight the long-standing debate between these two similar and yet very different vehicles. Although both offer spacious seating and cargo room, the less economical SUV is considered by many to be a more stylish and rugged ride than the domestic minivan. If you are looking for a new car to transport your family, you may feel torn between the two yourself. In the end, though, each type is so different from the other that, when compared side-by-side, you should be able to determine which is the best choice for your household.

<b>The Minivan</b>
The minivan was designed for kids first and foremost. A large backseat area gives them plenty of space to stretch out, play with toys and gobble down meals on the road. This can make life significantly easier for parents, especially those with younger kids. And anyone involved in kids’ organizations such as a scouting program or sports group knows those extra seats come in handy. Along with features such as automated doors and entertainment consoles, minivans are also safer and more fuel-efficient than SUVs. Some are even available with all-wheel drive to help navigate treacherous and icy roads. This makes minivans the perfect car for driving to and from soccer practice or even across the state to visit grandma. They are, basically, the ultimate child-taxi.

<b>The SUV</b>
But, let’s face it, minivans are about as far from a stylish or exciting ride as you can get. Being designed to shuttle around children leaves little room for excitement, and many young parents find themselves unwilling to turn into the cliched couple with kids. For these types, the SUV is the best option. SUVs are built like a truck with a covered cab, giving them the same large seating configuration as the minivan. They are, however, usually a bit more sporty, with more power and a stylish design meant to capture a youthful spirit without sacrificing driving quality. Teenagers are usually much less vocal about being dropped off at school in an SUV than a minivan. The SUV is great for families that spend a lot of time outdoors, need the extra hauling capacity and for parents who don’t want to have their children as their sole identity.

<b>So Which is Right for You?</b>
In the end, only you can decide which of these vehicles is right for you. The minivan is affordable and practical in every way, while the SUV is a more fun and glamorous choice. There are some mothers who wouldn’t be caught dead in a minivan, while some claim that they couldn’t even function without all of the little perks meant to make their drives easier. Your best decision may be to abandon labels all together and examine models from both sides of the aisle. As SUVs become more family-oriented and minivans attempt to jazz up their image, there are many cars that combines traits of both and which may be perfect for your needs and desires. The only way to know for sure is to keep your mind open, do your research and start making some test drives!