Keeping a Car New by Changing and Replacing Parts on Time


A car is a lot like people when it comes to maintenance. Just as a person needs to eat healthy foods in order to keep their bodies healthy, a car also needs to have its parts changed on a timely manner in order to ensure that it is in running order. A car cannot fend for themselves, it is up to the owner to take care of it, just as they would their own children. Parts will always go out on cars, it is usually inevitable, especially the older they get, and the more miles that are driven on it. The wear and tear on a car can make it break down much faster when not taken care of properly. If a car is taken care of properly, it can last for many many years, no matter how many miles are on it. There have been cars that have gone over 200,000 miles without hardly breaking down when the owner took care of it. The best ways to change and replace parts on a car on time are:

Oil changes

A car needs frequent oil changes every six hundred miles or so. The more a car drives, the more dirtier the oil gets. Dirty oil causes other parts in a car to go bad, such as spark plugs and can cause many leaks throughout time. Just putting oil in a car when it is about to run out is not enough. Adding oil will keep the engine from breaking down, but having dirty oil can cause even more damages, plus the car runs better and gets better gas mileage when it has clean oil.

Changing brake pads

The first minute a person starts to feel that their brakes are about to go out, or if they hear a squeaky noise coming from the brakes, they should change their brake pads immediately. Waiting for too long will cause the brake pads to start grinding, which can cause the whole brake system to go out, which can be a costly situation. Brake pads do not cost that much to change out, but they must be taken care of as soon as possible.

Changing the air filter

Another part of a car that can get really dirty is the air filter inside of the hood of the car. The air filter is a cleansing unit that can be easily replaced with a new one. A person can either do it themselves, or take it to a mechanic to have it done. A person can check their air filter by taking it out and then tapping on it. If dust falls out, then it is ready to change the filter because it is filled to its capacity with dust and dirt.

Changing spark plugs

Most cars need frequent tune ups that will help a car to run better. When a car is starting to give a person poor performance problems, it is mostly due to the spark plugs becoming caked with dirt and oil. A person will know when they need to change their spark plugs by checking their cars manual. The manual will usually tell a person how long the car can drive without needing new spark plugs. The spark plugs help to start and run the vehicle. If the spark plugs go out, a person will not have a vehicle until they are replaced. If a person knows what they are doing, they can change the spark plugs themselves, but it is usually a good idea to take it to a mechanic, especially in newer cars where the spark plugs are controlled by the car’s electrical system.

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