Reasons to Check Your Car’s Filters Regularly


There are several different types of filters under the hood of your vehicle, and each of them has a specific purpose. However, if you neglect to check them and to replace them as needed you can reduce the overall lifetime that your vehicle is going to last. Don’t underestimate how important it is to keep these filters in top condition. It can allow you to drive your vehicle for thousands more miles.

A clean air filter for your vehicle is going to make it operate more fuel efficient. Since the cost of gas continues to increase we can all benefit from that. The air filter allows the right combination of fuel and air to be mixed in the chambers. When your air filter is clean then the mixture is going to burn cleaner. As a result that will lower the amount of emissions your vehicle releases into the environment.

The oil filter should be changed every single time that you change your oil. That should be occurring every 3,000 miles. Don’t skip this important step because a reused oil filter can cause serious damage to your vehicle. It can get plugged up and then your oil pressure will drop. When you don’t have the right amount of oil flowing through the engine there can be too much friction within the moving parts. These parts include the cam shaft, crank shaft, and bearings.

Most people fail to realize that there is a transmission filter that has to be checked and replaced as well. This particular filter can restrict the amount of transmission fluid that flows through the engine. This can be a cause of the transmission slipping and that can result in metal on metal contact. Over time, this process can cause your transmission to go out.

You will only find a transmission filter on your vehicle if you have an automatic transmission. In your owners manual you will find the information about what the manufacture recommends for this particular filter maintenance. The length of time it can be on your vehicle and how to replace it will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.

Your fuel filter needs to be replaced too so that they don’t get plugged with debris. An inadequate fuel filter can cause your fuel pump to go out due to the additional pressure. It can also allow debris to get through the filter and into the fuel injectors. If they are clogged then you can have some serious engine damage.

It is certainly more cost effective to replace all of these types of filters for your vehicle than to pay for serious repairs or an new engine. Most of these filters don’t cost more than a few dollars so they are a very wise investment. You can also remove the old filters and install the new ones in just a couple of minutes. This isn’t a hard process or one you need to pay a professional mechanic to do.

Make sure you learn how to check the various filters for your car. Make it a habit to check them often and to replace them when you need to do so. Your vehicle will require a certain type and size of filter for the various areas too. It is a good idea to write those numbers down so you always have them for quick reference when you need to replace them.

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