Stretching your gasoline dollar


On average, for ever 10 cents gas goes up, we are spending an extra $75 a year (assuming your car gets 20 MPG.) People can no longer afford to just fill up the tank and go. Everyone is searching for ways to increase their fuel dollars. The biggest way to save money on your fuel money is to keep your car well maintained. A well maintained car is a fuel efficient car.

Pay cash or with Gas credit card:
Often you will get a percentage of cash back by using a gasoline credit card. This can substantially add up if you continuously use the card. By paying cash, many stations offer a couple of pennies off of each gallon purchased. Every penny adds up to savings.

Be on the lookout:
Even if you just filled the gas tank, be on the lookout for cheaper gas prices at other stations. You don’t have to go out of your way, just make a mental note if you spot gas cheaper somewhere else.

Fill up in the Morning”
Gasoline becomes denser at cooler temperatures. Try to put gas in the car in the morning, or late at night

Search the internet to find gas prices along your route. This can save you both time and money while you travel.

Check the fuel cap:
If the fuel cap is not positioned correctly, a large amount of gas can be lost to evaporation. The older the car, the more important this factor is.

Park in the shade:
Again, because of evaporation, you can save money by parking in a cooler spot.

Install a water fuel cell:
This can significantly increase your mileage.

Check into HHO Generators:
While the jury is still out on this one, many claim it can cut your car gasoline costs by half. It uses water and uses that to power the car.

Common sense:
Don’t speed up when chances are you will hit the next red light.
Try to coast the car to a stop whenever possible.
Idle the car in park position, not the drive gear, at drive thru places.
If you are caught waiting TOO long in a drive thru, park all together and walk in to get your food.
Avoid stop and go traffic when possible.
Use cruise control when possible on the highway
Because weight affects mileage, filling your car to a half a tank gets better mileage than filling the tank full.
Car pool if possible
Do not drive over the speed limit on the interstate. Cars run at optimum between 35-60 MPH

There are many things you can do to help control how much you spend on gasoline. By combining techniques, you can save even more. Good maintenance and good driving are half the battle. You would be surprised how much you can save simply by doing those two things; driving well and getting proper maintenance on your car. Gasoline prices fluctuate so quickly, it pays to make a habit of practicing money saving techniques to stretch your gasoline dollars.

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