Synthetic Motor oil: is it worth it?


With the economic situation looming over the USA, we all know money is tight. This effects our day to day lives and the choices we make. One of the many choices we have to make impact our vehicles. How we choose to maintain our cars and how often can really put a dent in our pocket books, but there are a few choices we can make when maintaining our vehicles that may keep your car running better for a long time.
The most common method of upkeep and maintenance for a vehicle is changing the oil. This keeps the moving parts in the engine lubricated so the friction caused doesn’t damage the engine. You can get a great deal for an oil change and get the work done for under $30 from most reputable shops and get an inspection included with the oil change. This sounds great, but what if you want to most out of your vehicle and decide you want to use Synthetic oil instead of the conventional oil that is used for most basic oil changes?
Synthetic oil is just that….synthetic. You don’t get the particles and the buildup you get with convention oil; it stays cleaner longer than regular oil and, because of this, you can wait longer in between changes! Synthetic oil changes are significantly higher in price, so a lot of people ten to shy away from it. What if I told you that you could go to your local auto store and buy the synthetic oil you need for your car along with the filter, and still pay that same price for a conventional oil change? Well, you can if you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty.
Changing your oil is very simple and does not require a lot of tools. You can get by with a jack and jack stands (Or a ramp, if you do not want to bother with jacking the cap off the ground. Just remember to block your wheels and keep the e-brake on so it doesn’t roll away!), a wrench or socket set, and a container to put your old oil in. You will be saving money, keeping your car or truck running better, and getting the satisfaction of doing your own work to you car. Who knows? You may give changing your own oil a shot and decide you want to tackle other vehicle maintenance projects!

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