The Benefits of Enrolling in a Car Buyer Club


No matter who you are, a car is probably a necessity in your life. There is nothing worse than attempting to leave for work and instead hear the dreaded “click” telling you the engine is not going to turn over. Thankfully, most mechanical issues with cars can be fixed, however, sometimes the life of the car is simply over. Depending on your car’s age, the number of miles on the engine, and how much the anticipated repairs will cost, it may be wiser to begin shopping for another vehicle. Pouring money into a car that may be on its last legs will end up costing you, rather than saving you, money.

Everywhere you go, people are generally wary of both mechanics and car salespeople, and although many individuals from each occupation are honest, unfortunately, many are not. How often have you left a garage wondering if you really needed that expensive repair? Or returned home after buying a car, concerned that the price you paid was really the lowest available?

In order to avoid these nagging doubts after your money has been spent, consider enrolling in a car buyer club. Not only do such companies assist you in the buying process, but also offer a continuum of services such as insurance deals, troubleshooting advice, and assistance with finding a reputable mechanic if repairs become necessary.

One of the best loved features of car buying clubs is the fact that you can turn the negotiation process over to someone else. Shopping for a vehicle can be fun, but most people do not enjoy trying to convince the salesperson to lower the price. Not everyone is born with a talent for negotiating, and if you are in this category it will be a great relief to hand this task off to a professional.

Similarly, not all of us are experts when it comes to recognizing a good warranty. Guarantees with cleverly worded loopholes can sometimes leave you under the impression you are receiving a longer, or better warranty than what is actually offered. This is another advantage car clubs have over purchasing a car in the traditional way.

Knowing what to look for when buying a used car is very important. The advantage of a car club in this respect is your ability to receive insider information about what to look for. Professional tips of this nature are invaluable, since uncovering hidden defects before buying a car is half the battle. Lemon laws in most states leave several loopholes for the car dealer, and little protection for the consumer, and organizations such as CarFax do not always provide you with all the facts you need.

Assistance with obtaining good insurance rates is another great benefit of a car buying club membership. This is another area where you can benefit from professional advice, as it can be a much more complicated process than it appears at first. The services of a car buying club will not only assist you in acquiring the best rates, but will also remind you to request that rates be lowered every few years, as is customary based on age and a good driving record.

When the decision has been made to join a car buyers’ club, first determine if you already have access to one through an organization such as AAA, or Allstate Auto Club. If not, wholesale food chains such as Costco and Sam’s Club offer car buying club memberships, as well as many organizations that can be found online. The average cost is $25 per year, but this may vary quite a bit from state to state.

You must, of course, weigh the benefits versus the cost of a car buyers’ club, as individual circumstances vary from person to person. However, as you consider how car buyer clubs can help you get the best deal on the car of your dreams, even with nominal membership fees, the benefits will most likely outweigh the nominal monetary investment.

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