Things to Know about Having Car Keys Copied


Owning car keys is a catch 22 situation where a person needs more than one copy in case they lock one of the keys inside their car. Most families have two copies of car keys, but if one copy is with the person who locked it in the car, and the other is with a family member that is at work, and cannot leave, or if they are out of town, this can make for a very expensive situation. A person will have to call a locksmith to get their car open. Locksmiths charge over $50 sometimes depending on the time of day, and the day of the week. If it is after hours, they can sometimes charge over $80. However, when a person goes to a key making shop, they find that their car keys have a “do not copy” on their original key, which means that the key maker cannot make a copy of the key. The reason this happens is that it protects people from having their keys stolen and then have copies made, so that a thief can go back and steal their car. The “do not copy” warning is a protection for the consumer who has bought a car from a dealership.

So what does a person do when they need more than two copies of their car keys to ensure that they are always protected if they lock their keys in their car?

Car Dealership

People who buy their cars from car dealerships can go back to their dealership and describe their car key situation, and the dealership can usually give the person another copy or two. As long as the dealership knows who the person is, and why they need extra keys, they should be fine. Car dealerships do not give keys out to people that have not bought a car from them. They are not regular key makers, but they can help a person out who is paying for a car from their business, when no other key maker can help them. However, car dealerships will charge sometimes up to $80 or more depending on the type of key that needs to be made. If it is an electronic key, it will cost $150.


Locksmiths are bonded and certified locksmiths who can make extra keys for people when other key makers cannot. Many locksmiths will make an extra copy of a car key for a person for a price. They may be a lot cheaper than a car dealership. The object is not to lock a key in a car, or even lose the key because then the person will have to get the VIN number from the car, plus the registration to prove that the car belongs to them, and take it to a dealership or a locksmith to have the key made.

The more updated and newer that a car is, the more frustrating it can be to make an extra car key. The new Mercedes Benz, and the new Toyota Prius have electronic fob’s as a key. Replacing an electronic fob can cost up to $300 to replace. However, electronic fob’s are much easier to keep track of than a car key, plus they have been made for the sole purpose of people not locking it in their car since the person has to be on the outside of their car in order to lock it.

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