Tips for Selling Your Used Car


When it comes to selling your used car, there are a few tips you can use to sell your car faster and easier.

1. Check the car’s value
One of the first things a potential buyer will look at is the price of your vehicle. List a fair and reasonable price. You can check your car’s value with sources like Kelley Blue Book. Also look at the classifieds in your local paper and online for cars similar to yours that are for sale. Set a competitive price comparable to those already listed. Keep in mind your car’s condition, mileage, any repairs, new tires and special features. If your car is still in good condition and has special features, you can list a slightly higher price than other similar used cars for sale. Remember to leave some wiggle room with your price.

2. Make your car sparkle
Wash and wax your car. Wipe down your tires with Armor All. Clean all the windows (inside and out) and mirrors. Take out all the junk that has accumulated in your backseat and trunk. Throw away old wrappers and other garbage. Dust the dashboard and vacuum the interior of your vehicle. You can even put in a scented car deodorizer. Fix any problems such as ripped upholstery, scratches or a cracked windshield. A clean car that smells good will be more appealing than a gross, dirty vehicle.

3. Gather all the paperwork
Have your vehicle’s paperwork organized in a folder. The paperwork should include copies of service and repair records. Be able to show that the registration is current. A potential buyer does not want to deal with a messy purchase. If your paperwork is organized and easy to show, you will be one step closer to selling your vehicle.

4. Advertise your car
Place a “For Sale” sign in your vehicle, and park your car somewhere where it can be seen from the road. Make sure the sign is clearly visible and your phone number and name is legible. Post flyers on bulletin boards around your town that include a picture and information about your car. Place an ad in the newspaper’s classifieds section or use online ads. In ads, “OBO,” or best offer, means you are willing to negotiate a price below the stated price. Listing in your ad “asking price” indicates that you are more firm with your price but still willing to negotiate. If you are unwilling to negotiate the price, put in your ad “firm.” When writing an ad, include your car’s highlights such as low mileage, new tires and gas mileage.

5. Showing your car
When potential buyers come to see your car, be open and willing to answer their questions. Tell them why you are selling the car and list recent repairs. They will probably want to take your vehicle for a test drive; ride along with them. While you ride, you can answer more questions and guide them around town.

6. Negotiating
Have a negotiation price in mind before an offer is made. Decide how low you are willing to go on your asking price. If a potential buyer makes an offer far below your original asking price, you can either hold firm to your asking price or make a counteroffer that is lower.

7. Finalizing
After you have reached an agreeable price with the buyer, sign over the car’s title certificate. State laws vary when it comes to selling used cars so check to see which documents need to be transferred. Only accept a cashier’s check or cash for payment. Avoid taking a personal check (unless you know the person). After your car has been sold, call your insurance agent and have the car removed from your policy.

Following these few easy tips can get your used car sold faster and make the buyer pleased with a clean vehicle and easy transaction.

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