Top 14 Driving Test Tips


Getting your license to drive is one of those steps in life that will open up a new universe of possibilities for you. But, before you get your license, you have to pass the driving test. Here’s fourteen tips that will make taking the test much less stressful.

Long before you even schedule your driving test, the first and most important tip is feeling comfortable with the instructor who will teach you how to drive. Your instructor should be able to give you constructive feedback without tearing down your confidence. If the instructor you’ve got does not do that, move on to another instructor.

The second tip has to do with the contents of your lessons. Make sure your learn and practice all the basic maneuvers you must know: the three-point turn, parallel parking, driving in reverse, parking on a hill and pulling into a parking slot.

The third tip is about equipment. Make sure there are lessons where you simply sit in the vehicle and learn how to use everything.

The fourth tip is learning how you’re supposed to deal with the environment around your vehicle: traffic lights, signs, road markings, people and other vehicles. This includes all parking rules and protocols for yielding.

The fifth tip is about local geography. Take lessons along the routes along which you’ll be directed for the actual driving test.

The sixth tip is about learning driving technique. The key word here is ‘observation.’ It’s not just looking in every direction, it’s seeing in every direction and then figuring out how what you see will affect you and your vehicle.

The seventh tip is doing a running commentary while you’re driving. Do it during your lessons so that you’ll be comfortable doing it during the test. The point is to say out loud what you see and announce what you plan to do. It may seem silly, but it will greatly improve your ability to deal with unexpected situations.

The eighth tip is learning not just the actions, but also the words. During the test, you’ll get some tell-me questions rather than a do-this or do-that directive.

The ninth tip is to get together all the required paperwork and credentials the day before the test and put it all in an envelope or folder.

The tenth tip is to have your last driving lesson, at least an hour long in the vehicle you’ll be using for the test, immediately before your driving test.

The eleventh tip is about the moment of arriving at the test location. Arrive early and bring your folder or envelope of paperwork.

The twelfth tip is for your actions the moment you get into the driver’s seat for the test:
o Adjust all mirrors.
o Ask the examiner to check their seatbelt.
o Adjust your own seatbelt.
o Start the vehicle.
o Release the parking brake.
o Look to both the front and the rear before pulling out.

The thirteenth tip is for what to do during the driving test:
o Always follow the inspector’s instructions.
o Accelerate and brake smoothly, but not too quickly or too slowly.
o Keep a cushion of space all around your vehicle.
o Do not do any rolling stops.

The fourteenth tip? When the test is all done, say ‘Thank you’ and smile.

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