Tune Ups


Keeping your car well tuned will improve not only mileage and performance, but the life of your car.

What is a tune up? A tune up involves checking your car’s computer system, and seeing if there are any problems indicated. It also involves checking spark plugs, spark plug wires, timing, choke, and the distributor cap. It should also include checking filters. Fluids are checked as well as the valves during a good tune up.

Always make sure at least the above is completed during a tune up. Too often, places overcharge for less work. Whatever the shop does above and beyond what is listed above is a perk, and you should grab it!

It is recommended that you tune your car every 30,000 miles. If this is done routinely, you will find there will be less unexpected repairs needed done to your car. No one likes to be surprised by unexpected repair bills. If your mileage is at the “normal” rate, which is about 10,000 miles a year, then you should have your car tuned every 4 months or so. Of course, if you drive more than that, tune ups should be every 3 months or less.

Getting your oil checked, and heating and air conditioning check ups should be done as well, but are not part of the standard tune up. The better you care for your car, the longer it will perform well.

Tune ups normally do not take long when being done by a shop. They have the trained mechanics on hand to handle more than one customer at a time. Check your bill against any work done. Make sure all work you expected was completed. If there is a charge other than what was quoted, find out why. Tune ups are no different than any other repair. If there is a change to the quoted price, you should be made aware of it.

Tune ups should not be avoided. That cannot be stressed enough. Tune ups are the general physicals for your car. No one has ever been sorry they had their car tuned, but many have regretted not getting it done! Remember tune ups do not cover every possible problem with your car. Regular maintenance goes beyond tune ups. However, in the course of tuning up a car, many other problems have been detected and brought to the attention of the car owner.

If you tune your car yourself, watch for specials. You know you will need the items eventually and it will save you money. Remember that cheapest doesn’t always mean best. If you choose someone else to do the tune-up, and you aren’t familiar with their work, just do some checking to make sure they don’t have a bad history to their name. Other than that, it is a simple procedure and you should be back on your way in no time with a car that is running more smoothly.

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