Which Radar Detector Should I Buy?


Just about every driver who has ever seen the flashing lights in the rear view mirror, pulled over, and gotten a ticket for driving faster the speed limit has probably wished he or she had installed a radar detector ahead of time. Even though a lot of people have the mistaken belief that it is not legal to have a radar detector in their vehicles, the truth is that they are allowed by law in every state but Virginia.

Radar detectors can be incredibly useful devices for drivers who have a hard time staying within the speed limit while cruising the endless highways of this country. However, there are a few different kinds of radar detectors on the market, and it can be tricky to find the right one if one doesn’t know what to look for. Here are some suggestions to help one answer the question of which radar detector will make the best purchase.

The kind of radar detector one purchases will depend on a few different factors, including one’s budget and the likelihood of falling into a speed trap when driving. People who either live in locations where the police have set up complex and highly effective speed traps may want to invest more in a wider band and more sensitive radar detector.

These radar detectors are commonly known as multi threat detectors due to their abilities to pick up several different kinds of radar signals. Similarly, people who drive a lot during the day and make their way through a number of different jurisdictions with different laws and speed traps will also probably want to spend their money on a quality and capable radar detector.

However, the majority of modern radar detectors are already going to be capable of picking up signals from several different kinds of radar sources, which means the next factor to consider is that of range. While the specifics can vary a bit, the general idea is that more is better. The higher the quality of the detector one purchases, the longer the range at which it can detect police radars.

Once one has decided on the features that are important, the next concern for most drivers will be the costs of the radar detectors themselves. It is usually possible to get a model that will work well and do what it needs to do for less than $200. The truth is that there are a lot of basic radar detectors that will easily get the job done for most drivers while costing them less than $150.

The detectors that seem to be significantly more expensive will usually be those that come with advanced additional features or customizability. For example, some radar detectors are cordless, which makes them more discreet. Others can easily be mounted within the grill of the vehicle, which means they will be harder to detect by potential thieves or police officers, who as a rule, do not take kindly to seeing radar detectors.

These extras, however, will not be needed by most drivers, and the units that don’t cost nearly as much will do the job nearly as well as the most expensive detectors. That said, it is a good idea to avoid the cheapest detectors and aim for those that are in the middle of the pack when shopping.

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