Why You Should Have Auto Repair Tools in Your Car


Must people who buy a brand new car feel confident enough that the car will perform well in the beginning and they do not worry about having auto repair tools in the car. Some might have AAA memberships or the dealer’s extended warranty or the new car warranty. However, the unexpected might happen and you might need some necessary tools in your car despite the previous mentioned conditions.

If you are handy, have a car manual, and do not mind getting a bit of dirt or grease on your hands, you can perform some minor jobs on your own in the event that you need too. It will certainly save you money. Some issues may arise on your traveling, or even at home, when one day you try to start the car and the battery is dead, or your spark plugs need replacement. In this case, you will need some basic tools to work with.

These days, carrying the necessary car tools is easier than ever. Most manufacturers of tools put together small and basic tool kits for car repair that you can find at a department store, home improvement store, or auto performance store. Everything you need is in the compact tool kit making it easy to use and to store in the car. These tools include basic tools such as screwdrivers, wrenches, sockets, crimping tool, adapter, spark plug grabber, rubber mallet, pliers, wire brush, bit driver, DC auto tester, electric tape, cable tires, and tire pressure gauge.

You should carry many other important tools in the event you need them, not only for your car, but also for any other occasion such as being stuck in a far location or disabled by a storm. These tools include emergency kits, first aid kits, hammer, clamps, rope, paper towels or rags, multi function utility knife, flashlight, flashers, blankets, flashlights, and plastic bags. These tools will always come in handy in an emergency. You can organize these tools in the back compartment of some cars, or an organizer compact bin or small luggage case. Keeping everything together is key, so you have it when it is needed. Besides, you do not want to rob space from your car that you might need for fun activities or vacation trips.

There are varieties of kits that you can buy these days online or at brick and mortar stores, which come already organized in a plastic case or tool bag for a variety of uses. These kits vary by purpose and amount of tools they contain, as you can get deluxe kits, basic kits, small kits, classic kits, jumbo emergency kits, and many other types. There are roadside emergency kits, ultimate car emergency kits, first aid kits, travel kits, special kits, and hurricane/earthquake/disaster kits. The amount of kits available is huge. These kits save you money, as it would be more expensive to buy all the items separately.

Your car comes equipped with an emergency spare tire, a tire wrench, and a jack. If those items are not in your car, those are necessary items and you must replace them immediately. If you have lock security nuts/bolts, it is important that you carry the special tool-key with you. And of course, never forget your cellular phone, as today you cannot find a public phone for miles, especially if you are not in an urban area.

Each driver-traveler is different, each has many special needs that others may not have, take into consideration those special needs as well. The important issue is that you are prepared with the necessary tools when you need them. Being prepared will save you money, and who knows, it may also save your life.

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