A Few Easy Ideas For Making Custom Motorcycle Helmets


Creating a custom helmet allows you to express yourself to the world. Custom helmets are all different and unique, which means that there will be none that are exactly the same. Different people have a different interpretation of what it means to customize a helmet; some believe it means adding stickers, mohawks or paints while others may think it means adding studs or spikes. The two ways of customizing a helmet are either altering the form of the helmet or only adding onto it.

For people that wish to maintain the effectiveness of their helmets, the best method to use is the second. Altering the physical form of the helmet entitles drilling holes into it. The easiest method to use for personalizing your helmet would be to attach stickers, paint or mohawks onto the helmet itself. These items also tend to be much less costly and can be just as eye-catching as spikes. For someone that would want to use paint to enhance their helmet, it would be very important that they find the right kind. Some paints won’t work very well, or won’t last through a heavy rain shower. For this reason, investigate what types of paints may be best for your needs. One option would be the use of spray paint as it is very versatile and can be used on many different types of surfaces. Stickers can work the same way however it tends to be easier to find good stickers. Some people choose to use bumper stickers, which work very well. For other items such as mohawks and studs, it would be wise to use a hot glue gun in order to fasten them securely to the surface of your helmet. Mohawks and studs, along with various other things can be attached to the surface of a helmet, giving it a genuinely unique appeal. For individuals that have never altered their helmet before, this is a good starting point.

For others, helmets may be all about expression and the reduced effectiveness is worth it. Some of the best custom helmets are those that have a mixture of spikes and studs. There are many different sizes and styles of spikes to choose from, which allows you to determine what might make the helmet too heavy while also giving you the freedom to choose the perfect addition to your gear. The road to getting spikes set into a helmet can be tricky, as it requires drilling through the physical helmet. Getting cleanly through it can sometimes be difficult and tedious, as it is made to withstand large amounts of pressure. As you drill through the helmet, it’s structure will become less sturdy. This means that it won’t be as effective at protecting you as it otherwise would have been. This is another reason for using care and precision while drilling. You need to carefully drill straight through so you can avoid the basis of it’s structure.

Customizing your helmet is a great way to express yourself and should not be discounted. If you’ve ever thought about doing it, why not give it a try? It is an easy, fun, affordable way to enhance your biking gear that you could do anytime.

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