Bikers through the Years – a History


After World War II the emergence of bikers began to crop up in different locations. The connections that war veterans had with each other in the military was something that they craved and longed for. The connection they could create through their biker affiliations helped them to restore some of it. The common bonds that they had with each other ran very deep. The freedom of the open road allowed them a means to have fun and to spend time with a hobby they all loved.

Their motto was that being a real biker meant that they would ride their bikes every single day regardless of the weather. They also believed that a biker had to be able to fix their own bike and that doing so would never be an inconvenience. The loyalty of the groups of bikers was also something that wasn’t broken. Such unwritten codes led to the formations of many different motorcycle gangs.

When we think of bikers, many of us think about mean looking guys on loud motorcycles. The affiliates of some biker groups such as the Hells Angels have often given bikers a bad reputation. However, many of these organizations want nothing more than to have a good time and to travel around to see the country. They can spend hours and hours a day on their motorcycles and never get tired of it.

The good community work that many bikers participate in have helped to reduce the illusions of them being involved in bad things all the time such as crime. The early biker was also someone that had a hobby of riding and customizing their motorcycle. They took pride in having a bike that was original. However, over time these common interests lead to a brotherhood. This is how the terminology of a biker gang was born.

Not all of these gangs though were involved with illegal activities yet those were the ones getting the attention from the media and law enforcement. Today you will find bikers that have careers in all types of different elements out there. They are proud for what they are involved with and make no excuses for their passion of motorcycles.

Bikers for Christ is just one chapter that involves those that pursue their love of God along with their love of motorcycles. This organization has been going strong since 1977. It is now one of the largest traveling ministries out there and it can be found from Alaska to Los Angeles.

Other bikers continue to rally for the rights of motorcycle operators. They want to make the roads safer for them. They promote the safety of the equipment and also support laws that require helmets to be worn. They don’t want to see any of their fellow bikers in serious accidents due to not having on the right safety equipment.

Today, there are many brands and models of motorcycles out there. This gives consumers a choice about what they want to operate. Some bikers are interested in something that is fast. Others want something that is comfortable for long journeys. Not all bikers are men either which adds a whole other dimension to the world of motorcycles.

There are many rallies out there where bikers can unite to show off their bikes, to swap stories, for friendship, and to have fun. One of the largest is held annually in Sturgis South Dakota. Many bikers take this annual ride there from long distances. It is an exciting adventure that continues to grow all the time.

The desire to own a motorcycle is one that many people have. As a result bikers are increasing in numbers. They won’t fade away due to the fact that there is such a demand for them. The very first motorcycle was introduced in the 1860’s and since then millions of bikers around the world have enjoyed them.

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