Helpful Tips on Dealing With Motorcycle Accidents


For motorcycle riders, being involved in an accident is one of the worst feeling possible, not matter if they are on their bikes or in the other vehicle involved. Since motorcycles don’t have the added protection of a steel frame around them, they are at a much higher risk for serious injuries. Because they are also susceptible to not being seen due to their smaller size in relation to cars, there is also a tendency to be overlooked by passenger cars.

Cyclists have to be extremely careful at all times on the roadways and obey the traffic laws more stringently than automobiles. It is so important to practice defensive driving tactics in order to keep safety in mind at all times. This is crucial to avoiding accidents and situations where potential danger lays. It really doesn’t matter who is at fault in an accident. However, when accidents do happen, there are several rules that have to be followed in order to minimize the negative effects that are always present.

The first rule of thumb is to never leave the scene until given the go ahead by a police officer who has taken all of the statements. This is a criminal offense that is punishable through jail time, and may also be the impetus for being charged with a hit and run citation.

Since the police will also only get one side of the story, it is more than likely than the other party will not be totally objective and that in itself could lead to further legal issues down the road. After an accident has occurred, the police should be contacted immediately, and everyone should be checked for injuries.

A report must be filed in any type of fender bender, no matter how small since this will be on the record. Medical treatment should be obtained right away in case of injury. It doesn’t matter if the issue seems minor, medical personnel should be sought out to have this documented and get the proper treatment.

There is also the responsibility to exchange personal information with the other vehicle drivers who were involved. The proper documents include driver’s license and registration numbers of the vehicles involved. Also, the type of insurance held, the license plate number, as well as proper name and telephone number of each driver who was a part of the mishap.

Until the police and towing companies arrive at the scene and give the okay, nothing should be moved from the original positions. This is to ensure that an accurate report can be made and filed. Everybody involved — including drivers and witnesses should remain at the scene to give their statement. If possible, a driver should take some photographs of the scene for evidence.

Once this mess is completed, the insurance process is then initiated with the insurer. There is also the possibility of a lawsuit or legal actions. Since there has been information collected at the scene, this will provide the necessary evidence to an insurance company or legal firm if it comes to that.

In case of a serious accident, an attorney should be contacted to ensure that the driver’s rights are fully protected under the law. Since they know the legal system, it is important to get the proper representation to make sure that all rights are protected. An attorney is the best friend of any driver involved in an accident since he can negotiate with the other parties, the police, and also insurance companies if necessary. A barrister specializing in this type of practice can assist any motorcycle rider involved in a traffic altercation and make sure that he is properly compensated for any loss of property incurred in the accident.

An accident while riding a motorcycle is pretty frightening. It may be quite serious if there is major damage resulting from the crash. But the most important thing is to know the proper actions following the mishap and the procedures to help protect the rights inherent under the law.

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