How to Ride a Motorcycle With a Passenger


Many people enjoy riding a motorcycle with a passenger. Not only is it fun to go on a ride
by yourself but it is even more enjoyable to take someone along with you. Motorcycle riders
have the protection they wear while riding so it would only be common sense that any
passengers you take along for the ride should also have protection. It is important to
purchase a backrest luggage combo for your passenger to use. You should also invest in an
extra helmet, motorcycle leather jacket, boots and riding gloves. Keeping your passenger
safe while riding is very important for the both of you. Though many people tend to think
riding with a passenger is quite simple, safety precautions should always be taken at all
times. If you are planning to take a passenger with you there are a few things you will need
to inform them about first. Here is the list of things you should tell every passenger:

1.Show every passenger how to properly wrap their hands around your waist while riding. This
is very important for motorcycles that have no backrest. You want your passenger to be safe
while riding.

2.Be sure to use the foot peg as a step when getting on the bike. Be extra careful so you do
not slip.

3.Do not get on the bike until the operator has been braced. If you happen to catch the
operator at the wrong moment, you may cause the motorcycle to fall over.

4.Be extremely careful around the hot areas of the bike such as the exhaust or muffler. You
do not want to burn your legs while getting on. Both of your feet must be on the footrests
and kept away from the wheel and drive system at all times.

5.Never put your feet down during any stops. Keep them on the bike at all times.

6.Keep in-tune with every movement made by the motorcycle and the operator. Always lean in
while going around curves. Hold your weight over the hips when accelerating and when braking
lean slightly back.

7.Be sure to explain any communication signals if you do not own a helmet that mounts a
bluetooth communication device. Explain how two taps on the shoulders could mean “I am
having a problem”. One tap on the shoulder can mean “Please go slower”. Three taps could
mean “Please stop immediately, its important”. Thumbs up usually means ” I’m having a lot of

Always remember when you have an extra passenger it will mean you will have to operate the
motorcycle differently then you normally would. The bike will not steer as smoothly or be
able to brake in short distances. It is recommended that you brake or accelerate slowly.
When riding with a passenger it will require you to be more careful. When turning,
accelerating, braking, swerving and shifting be extremely careful. Always plan to stop a
couple of times to check on your passenger to ensure that they are comfortable.

To be sure that your passenger is comfortable while riding you can purchase a backrest and
install it on your bike. There are many different types of backrest available to purchase,
just choose the one that works the best for you and your passengers needs. Having a backrest
will keep the passenger feel more comfortable then not having a backrest at all. They also
give the passenger more security while riding so they do not slide off the seat. It is your
main concern as a motorcycle owner to ensure that whenever you have a passenger riding with
you that they understand how to stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and
remember that you have another persons life in your hands and you should always take extra
caution. When you practice safety while riding with a passenger you can achieve the best
experience together. Never forget to keep the passenger informed about how to stay safe and
keep communication open between the two of you at all times.

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