How to Save Time Washing Motorcycles


If you own a motorcycle you are sure to lavish quality time on it to ensure that it stays in perfect condition. However, washing your motorcycle can be a time consuming affair. Here are a few simple tips about how to save time washing motorcycles.

1. Don’t dismantle the motorcycle before washing – wash it whole
Dismantling the motorcycle and washing the spare parts individually is by far the best way to wash your bike thoroughly. However, most routine washing does not require so thorough a treatment. Keep the bike whole and wash it. Dismantle it for washing only on those special occasions when you have plenty of time to spare.
2. Rinse the motorcycle with water before washing thoroughly
Rinsing the bike will remove much of the loose dirt and grit, and any oil and soot residue that has accumulated on top of it. This will make the job of washing the motorcycle thoroughly much easier.
3. Wash the bike in a cool, shaded area
Washing the bike in a cool area away from the sun will ensure that the soap does not dry prematurely and leave a film on the body which will take longer to wash off.
4. Use a strong jet of water
Using a strong jet of water will readily remove all the dirt and other residue that was left behind from the initial rinsing. Take care not to spray the engine while performing this task; else you will then have the unenviable task of dehydrating the engine and possibly the tubing. Take a little care in this matter; it can save you a lot of time and trouble.
5. Use the right materials and equipment
Use regular car wash soap; it serves the purpose very well for motorcycles. A regular wash mitt will suffice for cleaning bikes, although a toothbrush may be needed to clean those hard to reach nooks and crannies. Have all implements on site before hand so as to save time.
6. Wipe and dry the bike carefully
Use a clean dry cloth or sponge to wipe the water off after washing the motorcycle. Be thorough and make sure you do not miss any damp spot, to prevent the formation of rust. Use a powerful air compressor hose to dry out the hard to reach spots of the bike.
7. Do not forget the chain
Blow dry the chain with an air compressor hose until the last drops of moisture are removed. Then, lubricate the chain properly and do not overlook any other areas of the bike that may need lubrication. Check the axles and all moving parts; those will need to be lubricated.
8. Check for rust and apply wax where required
Your chrome pieces will often tend to take on a little rust from time to time. Use a SOS pad or good rust cleaner to remove the rust on your bike’s chrome pieces. Make sure that you follow the rust cleaner’s user manual or instruction booklet properly. A coat of wax is required after removing the rust.
9. Lastly, keep your bike clean at all times
Keeping your bike scrupulously clean will result in less time spent washing it. Keep the bike in a garage when not using it. Get yourself a good bike cover and use it whenever possible.

Riding your motorcycle is surely one of the most enjoyable and fulfilling experiences you can have. Caring for your bike and using the most effective methods to clean it will ensure that you will continue to enjoy your favorite pastime for a long time to come. Drive safely and enjoy cruising!

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