Leather Motorcycle Vests – A Variety of Styles to Choose From


With their sleek appearance, motorcycle vests can be both practical and stylish. Many men and women choose to use vests because of their many varieties and uses. Because of their excellent craftsmanship, versatility, and durability, vests can be a great solution for many motorcycle riders.

Versatility is one of the most beneficial factors of any motorcycle vest. Many vests have pockets, and most are various sizes and shapes. Some even hold guns and other firearms in an enclosed pocket on the inside. With padded space to cushion cargo, up to ten pockets are available on standard motorcycle vests. Some pockets boast more concealed craftsmanship, while others are more traditional and offer ample carrying space. Whether used for riding or another form of travel or sport, motorcycle vests can be helpful in carrying necessary supplies.

Cowhide is the primary material that many motorcycle vests are made from, although riders can buy other forms of leather. Some prefer nylon materials with waterproof liners for weather protection. Nylon is a thinner material and most riders agree that leather provides ample protection.

Thickness of motorcycle vests is very important because they are used for rider protection in addition to storage space. 1.1 to 1.3 millimeters of thickness is typical and can provide the rider with protection against falls, rain and wind, as well as flying debris. Safety is a motorcyclist’s main concern, and some motorcycle vests feature designs that reflect headlights to ensure riders are seen by cars and other larger vehicles. Custom designs are sometimes created to include this reflective option.

Although most motorcycles vests are black or brown, buyers can find them made virtually any color of the rainbow. Black is extremely functional because it shows little wear and looks appealing for many years. The single panels available on many vests allow the rider to add color or statements to the back of the vest.

Styles feature buttons, snaps, satin, polyester, or mesh liners, and are available in any shape imaginable. Some motorcycle vests have pointed panels for a more rugged look, and others are square or straight for a cleaner appearance. No matter the shape, most vests’ hardware is rust-proof and can withstand extreme weather. Motorcycle riders can add patches, screen printed logos, embroidery, airbrushed letters, or other memorabilia to the vests for an original, personalized look as well. Scooter collars are short collars that add an updated look to modern motorcycle vests, and many people enjoy this new addition.

Prices and sizes vary depending on purchasing location, but most online stores and chain stores offer sizes from extra small to 8 extra large! In addition to basic sizes, many motorcycle vests include buckles that allow the rider to adjust for a perfect fit. Especially useful for riders that are between sizes, buckles can create a form-fitting appearance with little inconvenience. Side lacing also allows vests to be fitted properly, and many men and women prefer this option because of its natural appearance and durability. Prices range from forty dollars to hundreds of dollars, depending on the craftsmanship, material, cut, and location of purchase. Although this may seem expensive, some riders prefer a vest for warm-weather riding because it costs less than a full jacket.

Overall, motorcycle vests are a versatile choice for any biker, and drivers as well as passengers benefit from a properly-fitted one. With many styles and options to choose from, personalized choices are guaranteed everywhere.

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