Make Every Trip Enjoyable And Safe With The Right Motorcycle Clothin


Nothing beats the thrill and enjoyment of riding a motorcycle down a long stretch of roadway. Once you have the right motorcycle underneath you and are ready to hit the open road, finding the right riding attire is essential. You can make every trip enjoyable with the right motorcycle clothing. Your apparel buying decision should be based on more than just looks, fashion, and style. Though aesthetics are important, comfort and safety are also essential considerations when choosing the proper clothing.

Jackets and Pants

When choosing a motorcycle jacket it is important to have one jacket for warmer weather and another for when the temperature dips. Leather motorcycle jackets are the preferred choice since they are both durable and strong. Many jackets have built-in body armor which offers added protection and can help prevent injury or lessen the severity of an injury in an accident. For warm weather, it is possible to be cooler in a jacket than in a t-shirt. Many jackets have good venting which allows for the flow of air through the jacket which will help to keep you cool while also looking cool. The length of the jacket is also a consideration. Short motorcycle jackets are the most stylish, but they offer the least protection in a crash. For some people, a jacket with a tall collar is preferred; the collar can be left open in warm weather and can be closed tightly when the weather turns chilly.

Heavy jeans will offer some protection and are much better than light pants or shorts. They also protect you from the wind, the sun, and the asphalt in case you happen to go down. One-piece riding suits are also a popular choice. They offer excellent protection, are usually easy to get off and on. Many of them have built-in body armor and help save a few broken bones in a crash. For those riding to work, you can slip one over your work clothes and then easily slip it off when you get to the office. The one downside is that they are not very comfortable when the temperature is hot nor do they keep you warm when the thermometer dips near freezing.

Helmets, Gloves, and Boots

Helmets are an essential piece of equipment for any motorcycle rider. Twenty states and the District of Columbia have motorcycle helmet laws that require all riders to wear a helmet. Twenty-seven other states have some type of helmet laws affecting certain drivers; there are only three states with no helmet laws. Because a helmet plays a vital part of keeping riders safe, you should choose the best one you can afford. Your helmet should fit snugly, have strong straps, have reflective tape or be made of reflective material, and be bright in color for better visibility. Doing some research on the Internet will help you find the best helmet for the best price.

Having the right gloves can also make your riding experience more enjoyable. A durable pair of gloves can also help protect your hands in the event of a crash. It is advisable to have at least three different sets of gloves; have a heavy, insulated pair for cold days, a lighter pair for those days that are neither hot nor cold, and a lightweight, vented pair for those hot summer days.

When buying boots most people think of style. However, though we all want to look good, style is certainly not the most important factor. It is best to have boots that provide some traction which may help prevent tipping when you put your feet down on a stop. The typical cowboy boot, with its smooth sole, does not provide any traction. Buying waterproof boots is a good idea if you live in an area that receives plenty of precipitation. There is also some evidence that a heavier boot increases the likelihood of leg fractures in an accident; heavier may not be better.

The Bottom Line on Motorcycle Apparel

With the variety of clothing available for motorcycle riders, there are many choices that combine both fashion and function. However, if you have to make the choice between fashion and function, always choose function. Fashion makes you look great, but function keeps you warm or cool, protects you from wind and rain, and helps keep you safe and alive in the unfortunate event of a crash.

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