Motorcycle Accidents – Understanding the Common Causes


Motorcycles are great vehicles to ride, but there are some common reasons why accidents occur with them. The most common reason for such an accident is that they are overlooked on the roads. A vehicle may get ready to turn or to change lanes and not even see that a motorcycle is right there next to them. Wearing a reflective vest is a way to help reduce the chances of this occurring.

Many motorcycle accidents are the result of driver error. They may not know how to properly handle the motorcycle. Excessive speed in heavy traffic can be a problem too. When there is that much power on an open vehicle it can be exciting to drive very fast. Yet there may not be enough time to stop at given intersections due to the overall speed that they are traveling.

Not enough experience handling a motorcycle before it is taken out into heavy traffic can be a problem. It can be very different from riding such a vehicle around on rural roads out of town. Many states require a written test and driving test to obtain a motorcycle license, but that doesn’t always mean the operator has done so.

The conditions on the road can cause accidents on a motorcycle too. A nice summer day can quickly be one with rain that pours down quickly. A powerful motorcycle will slide on a wet road just like it would on a sheet of ice. Items that fall from other vehicles onto the road may be hard to miss.

Not properly maintaining the motorcycle can cause accidents. The tires need to have the right amount of pressure in them. If the tires are worn out the will be thin and that can result in them falling apart while someone is riding the motorcycle. Street racing is common with motorcycles. While this can be exciting to be involved in, the risk of an accident is very high.

Performing various tricks on motorcycles is also common. It can be fun to be riding on one wheel, but that can also cause an accident to occur. Not following the rules of the road can lead to accidents. In some locations when there are traffic jams you will see motorcycles weaving in and out of the traffic as fast as they can.

Motorcycles are very popular with younger crowds too. Many of them don’t have the skills to adequately handle any type of vehicle out there on their own yet. When they are on the road with a fast vehicle such as a motorcycle it can prove to be a dangerous mix. Plus, many of them are busy showing off for their friends and they can become careless.

To help reduce the risk of motorcycle accidents, you should only operate one in areas where you feel confident you are able to handle the conditions. Find out what the laws are in your area for legally operating one. Follow the rules of the road and remember that other drivers may not see you.

An inexperienced passenger on a motorcycle can also create an accident. If they are leaning the wrong direction. Any passenger on a motorcycle needs to make sure they know what to do in order to allow the operator full control.

Keep in mind when you are in a car that you share the road with motorcycles. Always take the time to double check if they are in the lane next to you. With high fuel costs more people are driving them to help cut their costs. You will find motorcycles on the road at all times of the year too, not just in the summer months. If the road are dry there is a good chance that riders will be bundled up and out there enjoying riding their motorcycle.

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