Motorcycle Cleanup – 5 Novice Mistakes by New Motorcycle Owners


New riders take a while to learn the proper care and maintenance that is necessary to keep their bike in the best possible shape. Since experience is almost always the best teacher, sometimes the errors made by these novice riders can be expensive, but are always remembered.

A new owner will typically want to customize his new machine even before getting it home. This desire may be one of the most crucial mistakes that can be made by new owners, and will ultimately end up costing more to repair the unit than was actually paid out for the customization itself. Only an experienced rider or an engine specialist should even attempt to modify a motor to give it that very distinctive growl. Even the major manufacturers of motorcycles such as Harley Davidson pay their research personnel and designers many millions of dollars in compensation to develop their signature line of bikes. They are professionals, well versed in this type of work and know exactly what they are doing and the effect that any change will make when implemented.

The second big error made by novice owners is when selecting the right type of cleaning supplies to detail their ride. This is indicated by such snafus as using household glass cleaner to remove the dirt from the windshield. These products were not designed for use with a motorcycle and can lead to a permanent effect on the bike. The specialized material composing the windshield of a motorcycle can become discolored due to the additives that are contained in this product. There are cleaners made especially for a motorbike and other units of transport that will do this job safely and effectively. Using the right products each and every time will help to maintain the motorcycle components in fine condition.

Getting the wrong cleaner on the windshield is not the only problem that neophytes make when trying to maintain their machine. There are a good deal of other products that are not intended to be used for a motorcycle, and these could lead to some potentially dangerous situations. One such example is the use of a cleaning solution such as Armour All on the tires of the bike. While it does do a great job in removing the road dirt and grime that comes with riding on the road, it can also leave a very slippery coating on the rubber, which will result in the loss of traction with the road, possibly causing an accident. In this case, a stiff brush soaked in a warm water and soap solution will do just fine to accomplish this task. Fine steel wool can be used to get the white walls cleaned and back to that sparkling appearance.

The next issue is with the chrome pipes which are an attractive feature of any motorcycle. The finish on these pipes can be severely affected by using any number of degreasers on this area. There is a simple alternative and that is to use a mild soap solution and aluminum foil to remove all traces of black boot marks that are left. Not only will this remove the boot scuffs, but it can also retain the required friction on the pipes without affecting the shiny finish.

The last item that most newbies neglect is after the ride is over and the motorcycle should be left to cool down before it should be covered. By placing a tarp or other plastic covering over the bike when it is still hot can cause the cover to melt since the exhaust pipes are still very hot from the ride. Aluminum foil can be used again to get rid of any melted material on the tail pipes if this occurs.

It is always a good idea to use products that are specifically manufactured for motorcycle use before doing any kind of cleaning or maintenance on the bike. When in doubt, it is always a good idea to ask a veteran rider.

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