Motorcycle Rain Gear


Riding in the rain is not one of the most enjoyable activities that a veteran rider will endure, and by asking them of their opinion, one of the first things that they will state is the importance of purchasing the proper rain gear for riding a motorcycle. It is very important when shopping for this kind of paraphernalia that riders do the proper amount of research before committing to making this kind of purchase. This is especially important for female riders because more women are becoming interested in riding a motorcycle and many of them are taking the initiative to buy their own machine and matching clothes. This is not easy since most of the clothing has been previously manufactured for men and producers of apparel have to know that there is a market for this kind of gear before they make a full commitment to something of this nature. It is definitely the case with rain gear and for females in particular.

However, there are basics that must be covered in order to make this trip safely during a rainy period. The first thing that is an absolute necessity is a motorcycle helmet because it is designed for protection, and with the right one can provide the type of clear vision that is needed during a rainy period. But a helmet’s main function is still the protection it provides the head in case a collisions happens, or worse yet, an accident. The only type of helmet that should be purchased is one that has been certified by either the Department of Transportation (DOT) or the Snell Foundation, because these have been certified with a quality safety rating. During foul weather, a full face helmet should be worn because they will cover the entire facial area unlike the half face variety which will only cover the crown of the head, leaving the rest of this area exposed to the elements and a potential risk for trauma.

A Leather motorcycle jacket is another item of necessity here because of the vast number of manufacturers who are now supplying this particular niche market with items made of cowhide. A genuine leather jacket is the right type for this kind of activity because not only does it provide protection but it can also give the rider a sense of style. However, not all leather jackets are created equal, and certain varieties can actually create problems for the wearer when they become wet, including those made from Water Buffalo skins that actually become quite stiff with the addition of moisture. This can be quite uncomfortable so there should be some form of ventilation in the coat so full movement can be obtained no matter what type of weather is out and about.

Riders who have a Leather Jacket also typically are interested in matching leather pants as well, with the same kind of style and conditions. They have to be comfortable, provide protection, and be somewhat impervious to moisture as this can become quite a deterrent to a motorcycle rider. Boots are another item that cannot be neglected in the rider’s apparel selection and the right style and model will not only complement the rest of the outfit, but will provide protection on the road and the right amount of traction when gripping the pedals. They should also have proper ventilation, allowing the foot to breathe, constructed from cow or buffalo hide and be able to properly support both the feet and ankle area to prevent sprains and injuries. It is so important to be able to have good traction — especially in rainy conditions when this action can become slippery.

The last thing to complete the ensemble is a good pair of motorcycle gloves, because they not only will perfectly top off the outfit, but keep the hands warm and dry against the falling moisture from the sky, making the ride a safer one.

Failure to invest in good quality rain gear can significantly affect a ride during foul weather and this can ultimately mean preventing a major accident or arriving in the hospital.

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