Motorcycle Saddle Bags


Riding motorcycles can be a lot of fun, whether you are out for a short ride or on a long trip. Since motorcycles do not have a backseat or a trunk, there is no place for the rider to carry and store things that they need to take with them. Motorcycle saddle bags provide the solution to that quandary. There are different sizes that can hold a variety of items. Some are small and are only meant to carry a few things like money, a knife or gloves, while others are large enough to hold extra clothes, tools or a helmet. Some saddle bags also do double-duty as a back rest.

There are basically two ways to secure the saddle bag to the motorcycle. The first method is the throw-over type, which comes with strings that are tied underneath the seat and then are typically tied to the shocks. It is less secure but easier to remove. The second type is the bolt-on saddle bag, which is a more secure and permanent way to mount the saddle bag. Although it can be removed, it is a more difficult process. Regardless of the type of saddle bag chosen, just be sure that it secure enough that it will not flap around on the bike.

Saddle bags come in a large assortment of sizes, shapes and materials. There are so many different types and manufactures that it can be overwhelming. The easiest way to ensure the saddle bag will fit the bike properly is to purchase one made specifically for whatever style and brand of bike you have. If the bag is too big or not made for that bike, it may cover the rear light and turning signal, which would require moving that equipment. That is a detailed job and an unnecessary hassle that can be avoided with the proper saddle bag.

Some of the materials used to make saddle bags are canvas, plastic, metal, fiberglass, aluminum and, of course, leather. The bag can be one large interior compartment or have sectioned areas inside the bag with pockets on the outside. There are also different types of closures including strap down tops, buckles, snaps, zippers and velcro. The best bag will have a locking mechanism to keep the items inside the bag secure when the bike is left unattended. A bag that has a quick-release device, which allows the entire bag to be removed, is especially beneficial for overnight trips so it can be taken inside a hotel room.

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