Preparing the Motorcycle Before Transportation


When shipping a motorcycle across the country, across town, or even across the street there are certain considerations that must be followed. It doesn’t matter if the bike is going to a friend, or a complete stranger, the proper preparations have to be made when sending it out after the sale. A safe transport will allow the vehicle to arrive safely to its destination point and make sure that both parties are happy. There is always the danger of damages during transit, but if certain procedural steps are followed, this can be reduced to a minimal risk. This will also help when the right documentation is done first, because in that case, a compensation claim may be in order if there has been a mishap along the way.

Locating a reputable and reliable transport is the first item on the list. This can be done locally in the greater metropolitan area of any town in the country. However, an easier method is using the Internet since many details and listings are posted by companies who provide this type of service. However there is even an alternative to this method which many customers may find useful. There are sites in which customers can post a proposed shipment which is then bid on by carriers of freight and assorted goods. Since this can be a competition of sorts, the best deal or best rate can be accepted depending on the customer’s point of view. Once a reputable company has been established for shipping rates, it is easy to check on their reputation through the Better Business Bureau. If this looks good, the motorcycle can be readied for transport. The company doing the actual shipping has to be licensed of course, and they also should carry a bond to cover any damages which may occur during transport.

Once this has been checked and verified, there are some things to do before the motorbike can be set onto the trailer of the transport. The vehicle needs to be washed thoroughly with products designed for motorcycle use, and then inspected for any existing scratches, abnormalities and other assorted issue with the appearance. These should all be documented in written form and many photos taken of the bike itself. With all of these details taken care of and stored away safely, this will make good evidence in case an insurance claim has to be filed for damages. Any smaller items that may stick out — such as side mirrors can be taken off and stowed with the bike to prevent damage in route. When filing a claim, the trucking company will definitely not cover accessories that are missing or damaged. That is why it is so important to verify that every item is where it is supposed to be, and anything take off is packed securely.

A quick mechanical test should also be performed before placing the bike unto the trailer of the transport. It must be in proper condition when reaching the destination, and so this small detail should be taken care of before the shipment is begun. All systems should be quickly evaluated for the proper working order. Tire pressure should be checked for proper inflation levels, and fluids can be topped off in the individual reservoirs. Owners should also fill the gasoline tank to the minimum level, and make sure that the battery is fully charged. If this is a special model that requires a precise starting sequence, the shipper should be informed of these items beforehand. This will make it easy on all parties to ensure a proper shipment is maintained.

There is one other point of interest, and this is for motorbikes that are special, antique, or extremely rare, and these need to be transported with a custom carrier. These companies know the precise steps to take to ensure that there will not be a mishap when in transit to the destination.

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