Rundown of Top Motorcycle Boots


A good pair of motorcycle boots is probably the most important item in a rider’s outfit whenever they are on the road. They provide the right amount of traction with the pedals, cover the feet and lower portion of the legs, and provide support for the ankles as well when on the bike. New models are constantly being developed, so riders should be on the look out for any new innovations.

One new pair that has found its way to market is the 2010 Tech 10 model made by Alpinestars, which features a radical new design that has minimized the weighting at the bottom of the boot. The flexibility and gripping action of the upper was also re-designed to offer the best of both worlds. There are also torsion bars integrated into the boot for ankle support. Inside are special insets that provide a comfortable fit and the ability to more easily absorb the pounding of a motorcycle ride. The inner boot can be easily taken out and washed if necessary, being made of a breathable material.

But perhaps the best innovation is the new sole, which combines durability, grip, and rigidity into a custom made fit that provide the right amount of support. This is in addition to the special lining that is conducive to proper ventilation when riding.

They are very durable boots. The buckle system makes it easy to get the boots fitted quickly while also providing additional support for the feet and ankles of the rider. Add this to the fact that they are extremely comfortable, and this makes for a great pair of footwear. Finally they are available in six different colors, making it easy to choose a favorite.

Another great model is the SG-12 made by Gaerne, which has a special heat prevention technology that provides a better gripping action for riding. There are four buckles that allow a rider to easily adjust the straps for that custom fit. With the proprietary pivot system that has been integrated, riders can now enjoy a much better fit. Their dual stage system provides for two separate points that each performs a specific function. The first one provides lateral support for the foot, while the second is able to deliver a semblance of shock absorption when necessary.

It also has a special new adjustable shin plate to fit a larger set of legs. With the re-design of the heel and toe caps, this boot is now tougher than ever and can readily absorb bumps. Inside, there is an innovative foam mattress of sorts that has been specially engineered to fit the shape of the human foot.

Their logo is also featured prominently on the front of the boot as well. With the big “G” adorning the front, and six different color choices available, there has got to be a selection of choice for each rider. Not only are they great looking but protect the feet as well.

Another product — the SG-12 from Gaerne ,also features the four buckle tightening system. And they have the pivot system as already described. They are priced considerably less than the SG-12s, since the technology is not quite as advanced as this model. But the innovative duel composite sole is included with this model however. They are an extremely comfortable set of boots though, and many users report the feeling that they have the broken-in feeling when brand new. The simple design has the trademark Gaerne logo on the exterior.

These are among the three most popular motorcycle boots that are now available for purchase. Made of the highest quality materials, each of them is a good option for protecting the lower extremities. Although there are a great many boots of comparable quality, these three certainly stand out. It doesn’t matter the reason for riding, the proper boots will make a world of difference when enjoying the feel of the open road.

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