What Are Harley Davidson Collectibles?


Have you ever asked yourself the question, “What are Harley Davidson collectibles?” If you have, you may be surprised to learn that Harley Davidson collectibles include a wide variety of items ranging from Harley pins and patches to Franklin Mint motorcycle miniatures that are original in every detail, such as the famous customized Harley Davidson Panhead ultimate chopper from the movie Easy Rider. Whether you have a Harley, dream of having one or simply love these American legends, collecting Harley Davidson collectibles is a fun hobby that you are certain to enjoy.

Although there are a great many different kinds of Harley collectibles on the market, certain types of items are very popular with collectors. For example, Harley Davidson pocket knives, die-cast replicas, coffee mugs and beer steins are highly sought after by people that collect Harley items. Other popular collectibles include Harley Davidson coins, pewter and ceramic figurines, cards and toys. Several of the more unusual Harley Davidson collectibles include a framed share of Harley Davidson stock, Barbie and Ken dolls, beer taps and collector plates.

Being a collector of Harley Davidson items does not have to be an expensive hobby. Many people enjoy collecting Harley Davidson Christmas ornaments which sell for approximately $10 each. Others look for old Harley Davidson magazine advertisements, collector cards, buttons and posters at flea markets and motorcycle swap meets often adding a great find to their collection for just a few dollars. There are many kinds of great Harley collectibles priced less than $20.

Many people that collect Harley Davidson items limit their collection to a specific type of collectible such as cigarette lighters, snuffers or signs. Others choose to fill their collections with anything that is Harley Davidson related that catches their eye. These eclectic collections are often unique blends of Harley Davidson collectibles, artwork and licensed pieces of Harley furniture and items for the home. Examples of these include pool tables, supplies and accessories, bar stools, poker tables, lamps and clocks.

For some Harley collectors finding the special treasures to add to their collections is like a treasure hunt. They love the thrill of the search as they look for the perfect piece to add to their collection or to give as gift to another collector. Most collectible stores, gift shops and department stores carry a nice selection of Harley Davidson items. Checking local and online antique stores and vintage shops often lead to finding a great old collectible. Other places you could find Harley collectibles are auction houses, online auctions, garage sales, estate sales, flea markets and thrift stores.

Whether you love riding your Harley Davidson to a swap meet on your quest for a great addition to your pocket knife collection or drive your car to the mall to search your favorite collectible shop for the perfect Harley mug for your morning coffee, one thing that both Harley riders and non-riders agree on is that Harley collectibles are fun to collect and use. The next time anyone asks you the question, “What are Harley Davidson collectibles?” you can tell them about the variety of fantastic collectible items that pay tribute to this great American motorcycle.

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