What to Look For in a Motorcycle Ramp


For motorcycle enthusiasts, transporting their machine is priority number one, and having the proper equipment to make this happen safely is of the utmost importance. One of the main components of this process is the quality of the ramps that are being used, as they can make a world of difference when putting the bike onto a trailer or the back of a pick up truck. There are a wide variety of features that are currently being offered, and riders must do the right amount of research before the purchase is made.

The quality of this product today is way better than the typical models that were previously manufactured for this purpose. Engineers and designers have put their heads together to come up with some custom innovations that make it easier when there is only one person attempting to load a motorcycle for transport. They are also much safer than ever before since all the major concerns have been addressed by the manufacturers. And with the new design, excess weight has been eliminated, making them easier to handle and maneuver. An aluminum ramp has all of these features, and is the most popular choice among motorcycle owners for both its versatility and affordable price tag.

Some of the newer models can be easily separated into 2 or more sections for storage purposes. A rod will typically be used to join the sections together, and this can be accomplished by even a novice without too much difficulty. This features makes it easy to put them together (for loading purposes), and take apart for easy storage when not in use.

These types of ramps typically have an adjustable width which can span as much as 30 inches total –making it easy to adjust for almost any kind of bike. This helps greatly when loading the bike since a wider base makes it more stable and easier to handle. The nice thing about this system is that the ramps can be broken down into sections for storage or put on the truck for unloading the bike once the destination is reached. Of course this does take a small amount of time to put together the individual components, but at least there are options available — such as putting the entire unit in the truck bed when not in use.

Perhaps the most important feature of a ramp is the safety aspect that is built into these units, because that is the one element that most riders are looking for with this type of equipment. The newer models have been designed with this aspect in mind and have to pass several rigorous testing standards before manufacturing can begin. There are safety straps built into the units which can be used two different ways.

They can be used to hold the ramp tightly against the tailgate so it doesn’t shift when trying to load or unload the bike onto the back of a pick up truck or trailer. This will prevent the motorcycle from sliding off and falling to the ground, both of which can cause serious damage.

These straps can also be employed to hold the loading ramp in once piece while being transported. This is to prevent it from sliding around on the back of the truck bed and potentially slamming into the motorcycle itself. Since it is securely lashed down with the safety straps, this is unlikely to happen.

A further safety aspect that designers have seen fit to integrate into the loading ramps is the attaching lip. This will make sure that the ramp does not slip — especially important when the loading is being done without help. There are rubber bumpers attached that prevent scratching while in use.

Although there are a great many motorcycle loading ramps being offered at this time, it is up to riders to pick out the one for them. The new ones are built with safety in mind and will protect that special investment.

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