What to Look for When Buying Motorcycle Clothing & Motorcycle Gloves


When you go to shop for motorcycle clothing and gloves, you need to have certain things in mind before you enter the store. First, consider when you ride, how often, how far and what kind of weather you will be riding in. If you are a casual rider, going out mainly on nice days and weekends, you will not want to invest a fortune in fancy gear.

For the basic rider, you first want to invest in a quality jacket. These come in two types: leather and those designed with permanent padding. Leather is a popular choice for many riders. The jackets will come either without padding, or will have zippered compartments that you can add padding to. The jacket should fit close to your body and snug. If you crash, this keeps the jacket from riding up on your body and exposing your skin to the asphalt. It will also keep you warm in colder weather. Padded jackets are made from other blend materials and have permanent padding inside them. They come in a range of colors and styles.

It is worth investing in a good jacket to protect your skin, and can be worn in cold or warm weather. Many will have a zippered insert that can be removed in warmer weather. Riding pants come in padded styles that are made of leather or other material. They should also fit close to your body for maximum protection. Chaps fit over your regular pants and are usually made of leather.

For the more serious rider, suits are designed with padding and come in a matched pants and jacket set. They are more costly, but offer protection in the event of a crash. Your best bet is to shop during a sale, when last year’s styles are often marked down to lower prices.

Gloves are another essential for any rider, and are designed to both keep the hands warm in cold weather and provide skid protection. Cold weather gloves will have an interior lining for warmth, while others have a battery operated system to provide heat. The best gloves will have padding on the top for the largest part of the hand and the fingers. They should fit snugly to the hand.

You can save money by not being tied to a particular brand name. There are many quality products that are just as good, and often you are paying more for the name than the design. Look carefully and share with the salesperson facts regarding your riding habits. This will help them to make suggestions as to the exact gear you will need.

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