5 general car parts that are most neglected


Keeping a car in tip-top shape can mean the difference between a car that lasts, and one that doesn’t. Automobiles are an investment. Regular maintenance and care are crucial to extending the life and performance of your car. Most of these are safety issues too. A car is a potential weapon to you and the general public. Keeping it well maintained is the responsible thing to do.

These are the 5 most neglected maintenance checks. Neglecting any one of these can mean potential danger. Make it a habit or regular routine to check, or have these items checked.

Car interior:
It’s too easy to make your car a receptacle for old carry out containers and pop cans. This is especially true for the family car. Time is short for most people, and they eat on the run. The result, of course, is a dirty car interior. Besides the obvious visual appeal deteriorating, so does your upholstery. Clean out that car and give the upholstery a good cleaning. You’ll be glad you did, and it will keep the upholstery looking like new.

Working lights is not just the law; it’s also a safety issue. It is best to get into the practice of checking the lights on your car periodically. Unlike the bulbs in your home, it isn’t always evident that a car light has stopped working. Inspect the front lights, back lights, brake lights and also the hood/trunk and courtesy lights. Lights that are not working may or may not be the fault of the bulb. Sometimes it is the fuse that is causing the problem. If you have replaced the bulb and it still does not work, and you are unfamiliar with cars, take it in to be fixed.

Having improperly maintained tires can be fatal. No one wants to experience a tire blow-out on the highway, or anywhere else. Checking the condition of your tires on a regular basis is a good idea. Check the pressure, and the general condition and tread of the tire. Inspect the tires for cracking or splitting. Most tires last at least 30,000-50,000 miles, but, occasionally that is not the case. A car that drives well on dry pavement may not behave the same in wet or slippery conditions. Check your tires and check them often!

Wheels can become encrusted with residue as well from the brakes and road grime. Different types of wheels need different types of cleaners. Be sure to check the manufacture details for information on how best to clean them.

Windshield Wipers and Fluid:
The best time to check for this is before you need them! Once you are caught in a rain or snow storm, the wipers and fluid you have will have to make due. Safety is an issue here. Be sure to replace windshield wipers often and make a habit of checking windshield fluid. Replace worn wipers with the EXACT same size as the ones you are replacing. This will prevent damage to the windshield.

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