Automobile Repair-Understanding the Combustion Engine


While there are all manner of professionals who are ready and willing to repair your vehicle for you, this type of trouble-free maintenance comes with a tremendous price. If you are willing to pay the massive repair bills that are required to fix your automobile, then there is no problem and you can very happily take your auto to the local repair shop. Unfortunately, many individuals are less than enthusiastic about throwing this kind of money away. For those types of people, it is critical to learn as much as possible about the automobile itself and how to repair it. In many cases, some older vehicles are actually very simple and can be easy to repair. While new vehicles feature all manner of computerized parts and other gadgets and gizmos that make it far more difficult to repair, there are still some basic truths to the operation of the combustion engine.

First and foremost, it is important to understand the basic necessities of the vehicle in itself. The combustion engine requires three elements to continue operating under any circumstances. Those elements are fuel, air and electricity. Anyone who passed physics can tell you that without fire, fuel and oxygen, you cannot have combustion. Literally, something has to be available to burn, meaning some form of fuel. In addition, there has to be some form of fire in order to ignite the fuel. Finally, in order for all of this to work, oxygen has to be present in order for the fire itself to burn, making it impossible to have combustion in a vacuum. Whenever you diagnose your vehicle, these are the first three steps that you should take when trying to understand why your vehicle won’t start or performs poorly.

By understanding the basic needs of the combustion engine, you can increase your level of ability to correct any difficulties that the vehicle might be having. In many cases, the road to repair can be shortened by the immediate diagnosis of the combustion engine, meaning that you focus immediately on what is missing and what the engine is lacking in its attempt to start. In many cases, some of the most baffling problems can be solved almost immediately by discovering what is going on with air, fuel and fire.

The fire is delivered through electricity, via the spark plugs. If the spark plugs and Tesla coil are not working in unison to deliver electricity to the combustion chambers in the cylinders, naturally the car will not fire. Fuel and oxygen are delivered through the carburetor or through the injectors. If the vehicle is not getting fuel and oxygen, once again, it will not fire. By ascertaining whether or not your automobile is receiving all three of these particularly important elements, you can very quickly determine what the problem is and how to correct it. With this basic knowledge in hand, you can ensure that you are never left clueless on the side of the road because your automobile decided to give up the ghost. No matter what, if you can find a way to deliver all three of these particular items to the combustion chamber, your vehicle will run.

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