DIY Auto Repair – Safety First!


Although performing your own auto repair can save you quite a bit of money, it can also be extremely dangerous if you do not know what you are doing! Please read on for some very important auto repair tips that you should always follow to avoid the dangers of repairing your own vehicle. Many of these tips are basic common sense strategies but, unfortunately, many people still do not follow them.
The first tip I can offer you is probably the most important and often the most overlooked. Never attempt anything that you feel may be above your ability! If you are even the slightest bit unsure about a repair you are planning to perform, please do yourself a huge favor and contact a professional. While paying someone to do a particular repair for you can be much more expensive, it is also much safer. Most new vehicles are very complex nowadays. Even if you do not only seriously injure yourself, you can wind up making matters worse if you attempt a repair that you are not comfortable with. Being honest with yourself when trying to determine your abilities can save you monstrous headaches!
You should also know what your physical limits are before attempting some more involved auto repairs. For example, do you really believe that you can remove the engine block by yourself? You can’t and there is probably a little voice in the back of your head that is telling you as much. Listen to it! Plan ahead when preparing. Knowing what is involved at every step of the way ahead of time will ensure that you don’t put yourself in precarious situations. I recommend always having a friend assist you regardless of what type of auto repair you are attempting.
Now that you’ve planned ahead and you realistically understand what your limits are, you can get started. However, be sure to retain your focus throughout whatever auto repairs you are performing. Do not let your mind wander. Failing to focus will almost certainly cause you to make mistakes, some of them big ones. Big mistakes in the auto repair field are usually costly ones so pay attention!
There are also a few critical precautions that you must take when performing even the smallest auto repair tasks. The first one is really a no-brainer but I’ve seen people do it. Never smoke while you are near any type of fuel components. I think the reason is pretty self explanatory. I hope you do as well. A slightly related tip is to always have a fire extinguisher on hand. The fire extinguisher you choose should have a B & C rating. This means it can extinguish liquid, grease, and electrical fires. Vehicle support is crucial. Never trust only a jack to support a vehicle you will be crawling under. People are killed every year by cars that have fallen off of jacks. You should always use proper support stands that are rated to support the weight of your particular vehicle. Bricks and such are not a good substitute for a good set of vehicle stands or ramps so you should never use them as such.
There you have it friends. I hope you follow all of the solid advice I’ve given in this article. It really could save your life!

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