Save Money by Repairing Car Dents Yourself


We try to keep our cars in the best shape we can; after all, who wants a dead car on a freezing winter morning while you’re already late for an important meeting? We clean it, we love it, and sometimes we even give the car a name, much to the chagrin of family and friends. But despite all the work and care, life tends to happen when you can least afford it. Let’s say you left the car in a parking lot to go shopping, and by the time you came back there was a rather noticeable dent on its exterior. What to do? There isn’t anything in the budget to take it to a mechanic, and you can’t just leave it like that. Before panicking, keep in mind that this is something that you can fix yourself.

The first thing you could try is the plunger method. Sure, it’s old fashioned, but it works. To get started, pretend that your toilet is clogged, and place the plunger over the problem area; in this case, the dent. Push up and down gently until the area of the car that was pushed in from the impact comes back out again. Don’t expect it to work on the first “plunge.” You may have to do it several more times, so it’s essential to exercise patience. Keep in mind that this only really works on small dents. Anything larger will likely require a different approach.

Another option is to push the dent back out from the inside. However, this can only work if you can locate the dent on the inside of the car. Use a small hammer and make sure that the mallet end is of a rubber substance, not metal. Anything else could have damaging effects on your car, and that’s something you definitely don’t want. Be gentle; you aren’t putting any nails in it, so why act as if you are?

There is yet another method to try, and that will involve everyday items you can find around the house. You won’t need to spend much if you don’t actually have them, and if you don’t want to bring out your wallet for the occasion, the option to borrow from somebody is always open. First, take a blow dryer and run it over the dent for a moment or two until the area is nice and warm. Immediately afterwards, take an air duster and coat the same area that you used the blow dryer on. Because of the combination of two differing temperatures, the effect should be the same as using a plunger, and the dent will jump right back out. However, unlike the plunger method, any paint damage to the car will not be as bad.

We can’t all be millionaires, so it’s always important to look for ways to care for the things in your life without spending a lot of money. Take good care of your car, but should anything happen beyond your control, know what steps you can take to fix the problem. Remember, don’t do anything bare handed; invest in some protective gloves and goggles to stay safe while you work.

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