Wheel Rim Repair -What You Should Know


Vehicles sustain lots of wear and tear throughout the year, especially during the winter months. Some areas such as the bumper, the hood, and the windshield are particularly susceptible to this type of damage. Another overlooked part of a vehicle that sustains lots of wear and tear is the wheel rim. To keep your auto looking sharp, you need to pay special attention to your wheel rims. They are like the bathroom of your house. If someone sees that you keep a clean bathroom, they know that you keep a clean house. The same thing goes for your car’s rims.
Curbs and accidents are the most common cause of wheel rim damage to automobiles. If one of your wheel rims sustains damage such as scraping or denting/bending, you will need to have it repaired promptly. Otherwise, the problem can become worse and this can cause problems with your tires, making the eventual repairs even more expensive. Wheel rim repair is pretty simple. Read on for more information.
Wheel rim repair should be performed by a qualified auto body repair shop located in your area. Be sure to research them carefully and choose one with a good reputation and a fair price. Don’t be afraid to ask for references or to look up reviews online. If lots of people are unhappy with any business, there are bound to be complaints that surface so be diligent. After you’ve made your appointment with the auto body shop of your choice, they should be able to provide you with both a cost estimate and a time estimate. If the damage is severe, prepare to pay for a rental car. Otherwise, minor to moderate wheel rim repair can be performed rather quickly.
Once your vehicle is brought in, the auto body shop staff will inspect the damaged wheel rim for warps or cracks. The first step in any wheel rim repair is to straighten out imperfections such as these. Your preference should be for the staff to use no heat or very little of it while repairing your wheel rim. Too much heat can further damage the rim by compromising the composition of the alloy that the rim is made of. After the bends are corrected, scratches will be sandblasted out. After sandblasting, the auto body repair staff will weld on any missing parts and then apply a high-quality primer along with color matched paint to be sure the repaired rim matches the other three wheel rims. After applying two clear coats over the paint, the wheel rim is then cooked under a shortwave light to harden it. This will also protect the repaired wheel rim form future damage.
Wheel rim damage can cheapen the look of your otherwise sporty looking ride. More importantly, this type of damage can reduce the overall value of your car and that is never a good thing! If your wheel rims sustain damage, you should certainly have them repaired sooner rather than later if you hope to avoid further problems down the road.

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