RainSport 2 Uniroyal Tires


RainSport 2 Uniroyal Tires is the last innovation of the perfect Uniroyal sport rain tires. The combination of safety, manageability and effective braking on the wet surface of the new tire demonstrates that there is no limit to the development of the rain tires. The new structure of slots and their V-shaped profile allows exporting the water effectively from the contact spot while the special composition with silica improves braking. The unique protector ribs design reduces the braking distance on the dry surfaces. The wear indicator on the arm signalizes about the wrong wheel placing that can appreciably reduce the tire life time. New RainSport 2 tire is available in 51 sizes with the approved maximal speed up to 300 kilometers an hour.
The high aquaplaning resistance
The new structure of slots hastens the water withdrawal from the contact spot. The innovated curved V-shaped protector rib provides additional protection from the aquaplaning as the pressure on the protector is strengthening from its centre to its sides. The even pressure distribution under the every protector block is another advantage of the curved protector picture elements.
Silica in the composition of protector shortens the braking distance on the wet surface
The special Uniroyal tires composition provides big security on the wet surface. Last generation Red-Hot Silica use improves cohesion that allows the protector to adapt to various types of the road surfaces.
The indicator for the life time increase
The wheel placing indicators allow increasing the life time of RainSport 2. They are located on the tire arms and consist of 3 cuts. If they are unevenly obliterated the wheel camber is wrong.

The Uniroyal RainSport 2 broad band
With the band of 51 sizes for the 14-19-inch diameter Uniroyal tires include the 93% segment of the High Performance class tires. They will be available with the width of 195-275 millimeters in the series from 55 to 30 with the speed index V, W and Y.
RainSport 2 Uniroyal tires are the freshest innovation of Uniroyal in the band of rain sport tires. The previous RTT 1, RTT 2 and Rainsport 1 models have just demonstrated the perfect combination of safety on the wet surfaces and god sport characteristics.

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