All About Truck Tonneau Covers


Truck tonneau covers come in many different sizes, shapes, intended applications, and types. The sheer number of combinations can be very confusing to consumers looking for a great deal on an affordable way to safely protect a truck and/or keep its cargo intact while in transit. It is possible to alleviate this confusion with a little bit of information. Here is what anyone shopping for truck tonneau covers needs to know:

• Truck tonneau covers are all about fit – Fit is very important when picking a tonneau cover and there are two general types of fits: one-size-fits all and custom fits. One-size-fits all approaches are not actually meant to be interpreted as a single size tonneau cover that will work on any and all trucks, but rather a specific size tonneau cover that will work on many different makes and models over a wide range of years. Custom fits cost more but offer a much greater degree of protection.

• Tonneau covers save gas – Trucks are not exactly the most aerodynamic group of vehicles, a fact that only hurts their collective fuel efficiency. While truck tonneau covers cannot reduce a truck’s other fuel efficiency problems such as the weight or inefficient high-power drive train, it is possible to reduce drag with a well-chosen tonneau. A small investment in a truck tonneau cover could conceivably pay for itself with increased fuel efficiency over the course of many thousands of miles.

• Applications are important too – Different types of chores require different types of truck tonneau covers. Some truck tonneau covers are meant to keep fine materials such as sands and/or dehydrated concrete in place while others are meant to keep items inside of a truck bed inside the truck bed. Yet other truck tonneau covers keep contents in while simultaneously keeping them safe from the elements.

• To weatherproof or not to weatherproof – There are different levels of weatherproofing available, and the decision to weatherproof can be based on the weather/climate or based on what one is transporting. Others may not want or care much for weatherproofing and the associated costs that accompany weatherproofing features.

• Security concerns – Some tonneau covers are built with heavy duty materials to ensure that it takes more than a modest amount of effort to remove them. Combined with solid materials that do not permit passersby to peer within the bed of a truck.

• Trade-offs – There are trade-offs to be had when considering the different features available. In most cases the major trade-off is price. In other words, the more features that are desired, the higher the likely price of any given truck tonneau covers. Combining more features requires significantly more money.

• Installation – Some truck tonneau covers are easy to install without assistance for those with even a modest amount of skill while other tonneau covers, especially custom fit models, require professional installation that will add a significant amount of cost to the equation. Either way, installing a tonneau cover on a pickup is usually not a very time consuming task and is likely to take no more than an hour in most situations.

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