Running Boards and Truck Steps – Helping People of All Heights Enjoy Big Trucks


Have you ever been curious about where it was that the concept of the big rig came into existence? There is a good possibility that it is somehow related to the horse that proceeded it. Horses gave pioneers and advantage by giving them a higher vantage point, allowing them to see farther and survey their surroundings in a more effective manner. Of course, it is this height that required the invention of the stirrup. Without the stirrup, it would have been nearly impossible to get on top of a horse.

Trucks are no different for some. Driving is one of life’s pleasures, or at least it is supposed to be. But if you or your passengers have to struggle in order to get themselves in and out of a raised rig, this can make for a somewhat frustrating experience. Not only that, but it is possible for you to injure yourself if you are not too careful, especially if the ground is not even or if the pavement is slippery from rain or ice. Thankfully, truck steps make it possible to get in and out of a tall vehicle without the hassle that would otherwise come with it.

Truck steps, which are also referred to as side steps or step bars, can be made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or stronger materials such as stainless steel. They provide for a place to put your foot in order to propel yourself into a tall truck without too much difficulty. In most cases, truck steps come with a treaded surface that is easy to step on without sliding off. This makes it much easier to step into your truck regardless of what the whether looks like.

In addition to this, truck steps provide additional protection to your truck as well. Anything that threatens to bump up against the side of your car will face resistance when it comes up against the side bars. This includes anything from boulders or fallen trees that you could encounter while you are off road, to car doors or stray shopping carts while your truck sits peacefully in the parking lot. This prevents scratching from occurring. This provides your truck with some additional defense that it would not have otherwise.

Truck steps are designed specifically for the make and model of each truck, so keep in mind that there is no one size fits all truck step. In most cases they are made out of a tube of metal that is about three inches across. Usually they are either finished with chrome or black pain, giving your truck a robust appearance that is also very utilitarian. Step boards can be designed to hold as much as three hundred bounds, and the more heavy duty running board provides you will enough lift to carry five hundred pounds. Both are designed to be used very frequently. In some cases, they also come with options such as flashing lights that provide for even more style.

In many cases the dealer will try to sell you on these products when you buy the truck. This is not necessary, however. There are plenty of aftermarket options that you can install yourself. By doing so you will save yourself quite a bit of money and you will end up with the same results. Just make sure that you buy a product that is compatible with your vehicle and make sure that you understand how it could affect your warranty before you proceed with anything.

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