The Benefits of Hard Pick Up Bed Covers


People who buy soft covers for their pick up trucks are most likely buying it because they are cheaper than hard covers. There are many types of hard covers that can cost a little more than soft covers. Hard covers can also give a pick up truck more protection from weather related issues. There are three different types of hard covers to choose from. There are hydraulic armor lid covers, back flip retractable hard covers, and retractable key lock hard covers. Hard covers, which are also called Tonneau’s, have many more benefits than a soft cover.

There are five benefits that a hard cover will have over a soft cover:


Hard covers are made out of a solid aluminum material that is tough to break into. Hard covers also come with a folding lock and key cover. If a thief tries to get into a hard cover that is locked, they will have to use tools. There will be a much bigger chance that they can be discovered. This is usually too risky for a thief, unless they are someone that knows the person, and knows that they keep a lot of valuables in their truck, they may try to break in late at night when there is no one around, and if the area is very dark. Any person who owns a vehicle should keep their vehicles in a garage, or around areas with a lot of light. Soft covers are mostly made of vinyl tarp that are retractable. The vinyl tarps are easy to stick a pocket knife through and rip it open. If a truck owner has all of their expensive tools, or any other valuable items, they can be easily stolen. The hard covers also protect the paint inside the truck bed from rain and hot sun. Water and the hot rays from the sun can chip the paint, so that it ends up peeling off. The hard covers will not fade, shrink, warp, or expand due to higher temperatures.

Retractable Hard Covers With Remote

Aluminum hard covers can also come in retractable devices with a remote control. A truck owner can be a few feet away from their pick up truck while using their remote control, and it will open up the hard cover for convenience. Soft covers do not have this advantage.

Weather Resistant

Hard covers are also weather resistant when a truck owner takes the right precautions to ensure that the sides are sealed from water. Hard covers will never be completely immune to water seeping in, but if the right steps are taken, the sides can be sealed from any moisture.

Less Sagging

Hard covers are rigid covers that experience no problems with sagging issues. People who have soft covers with snap closures will tend to sag in between the snaps. Most truck owners who have soft covers will need to have them tight enough so that they do not sag, yet loose enough that the cover will still close. The hard covers do not have any of these worries.

Cost Effective

Even though the soft covers are cheaper, the hard covers do not cost much more than a soft cover. Retractable hard covers only cost a few more dollars than the soft covers. The retractable hard covers are much more easy to open and close than the lock covers, so a person can still have a hard cover, but pay less than most of the other hard covers.

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