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    "Scooter" Car

    I've seen those cars when we were on vacation. I don't ever see them around here though. Its a wonder the SUV hit their brakes. I wouldn't want to be driving anything that small out on the main road!
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    Little old lady drivers!

    I could not survive Florida! All of those "snowbirds" would drive me crazy. That is what we call people who leave NY and go to Florida (snowbirds). She is lucky I was paying attention.
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    Stranger in my yard

    Wow, I bet it was freaky! Glad you have not seen him since. You really just don't know these days. There are some messed up people out there! Stay alert!
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    Too fast for road

    Very lucky indeed! He was lucky to not get hurt and lucky for you guys not calling the police! Hopefully that slows him down! I used to drive a lot faster when I was younger and I learned.
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    All season, snow or studded

    I start off with winter tires and then if the winter is terrible I switch to studded tires. Last year was really mild and I never had to switch them over.
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    Little old lady drivers!

    Seriously I was driving home on a dirt road yesterday and this little old lady pulled right out in front of me. I should say she turned right in front of me! I slammed on my brakes and she just looked at me and put her hand over her mouth! Wow! I think elderly people need to retake their road...
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    Mystery flat

    So the shop had no idea how the tire went flat. Wow it is a mystery then! Usually they can pinpoint something that caused the problem. I once ran over a nail and I have seen a tire with glass in it too.
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    Bleeding the brakes

    That does not seem like a really long time. I can remember sitting in my dads car for an hour helping him when I was younger. Did you end up getting all of the air out?
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    Junk Yards

    Junk yards are a great place to get used parts cheap. I would call around though first to be sure they have Renaming parts. Good luck!!
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    Summer cars

    Does anyone here own a vehicle that they don't drive in the winter? My dad only drives his car in the spring, summer and fall. He only drives his truck during the winter months. How about you?
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    Driving in flip flops

    I don't wear flip flops but I do wear work boots. I often times have a problem with my boots too. I wouldn't drive in flip flops ever. I don't think driving barefoot is a good choice but it's probably smarter than driving in flip flops.
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    Leaf Lookers

    We have a couple of festivals going on right now too. I bet it's because of the leaves changing. I do think that a lot of ours changed a bit earlier this year though. I bet most will fall off this weekend - supposed to get a frost Sunday night.
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    18 Wheeler phobia

    Counseling is my thought. She needs to get past the terror and I think it might take counseling. I doubt driving on the interstate would help her - she would be a hazard to herself and others.
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    Factory speakers

    I want to change my speakers in the car. I don't know what I want. Are other speakers really better than the factory speakers your car comes with?
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    What can you do yourself?

    I can change the oil, tires, wipers. I can change my brake pads and rotors (of course the shop has to turn them). I can change out the blower motor (did this once). I can change any fuse. I can even change the gas pump. I can probably do more but I have not had to.