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    Higher taxes because of electric cars

    I didn't hear about this, is this really true? Because if it is, it's not right at all! I buy gas and I pay a pretty penny for it so I don't think I should be 'punished' for it.
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    Fuel Additives

    What kind of additives are you guys talking about? I'm curious too, I'd love to be able to economize more, wherever I can. I already stopped taking the car to the car wash, I just wash it myself most of the time. Whatever helps to reduce monthly costs.
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    Electric Stand Up Scooters

    They are really doing this? I thought it was just a rumor. They don't look safe but if you know how to "drive" then they won't be a problem. The problem is them being slow though.
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    VW Comeback

    I love the way the new bugs look like! VW made significant improvements but I don't own one and I don't think I will. My significant other says they are a cheap copy of the old model.
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    All season, snow or studded

    I have snow tires for my car, I prefer to be safe rather than sorry. Winters have been mild here too but you never know when some serious snowing will happen.
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    Built-in or portable?

    That's actually not a bad idea. You could connect an iPod, like the others said or install a DVD player and play music instead of movies.
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    Speakers In The Doors

    I would advise you to leave it to someone who has done it before. It's not rocket science but there are wires to be handled and then putting it back just the way it was, it's hard work, I tell you.
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    Boom Boom - loud

    I played this trick once on my dad, he did not appreciate it :| Your daughter definitely turned up the bass, just take it down a notch and everything will return to normal.
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    Sound System Stinks

    I would definitely go with the Pioneer speakers. The price is decent and they are really good, assuming you don't listen to extremely loud music.
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    Funny story

    I was always scared when this happened a few times in the beginning. I laugh at it now but back then it was a real pain, not knowing what is going on.
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    Best car to take your license road test in

    I took my road test in a very big car, it was very uncomfortable but it was the one I learned how to drive on. Afterwards, with the license in your pocket, you can practice driving on whatever you want.
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    Locked gas cap

    My first car had one, you could unlock it with the car keys only but now that I have another car, well.. I just have to be careful. Maybe you could have it custom made, it will cost you but in the end it's worth the trouble.
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    The online estimates are not really estimates at all, I thought so too but I ended up having to spend a lot more. It's better to look around for more deals before settling with one company.
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    Age for a first motorcycle

    I agree this is not a good idea. At 16 I would give my kid a new regular bicycle at best. I really hope your cousin will be a responsible biker.
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    How does driving impact on fuel economy?

    I remember seeing a movie a very long time ago. I can't remember what movie it was but what I do remember is a lady constantly telling the driver to drive slow because this will save gas. Is this true? Does driving slower help you save gas?