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    Neighbor shot his car

    Is that legal where you are? To shoot squirrels, I mean. Here, you'd be under arrest quicker than you could go pick up the furry little bodies. It really is animal cruelty to shoot at them with a BB gun, so I'd have laughed at his mishap with his car window. Serves him right.
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    I purposely drive to extend my gas mileage. In this day and age, it makes sense. However, I would not get close to the big rigs. I think that's too dangerous to be worth saving a few cents on gas.
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    Buying a Beamer

    I have not owned a BMW but I've always heard good things about them. I don't know anyone who has owned one that complained about the car so that should tell you something. Your best bet is to search through all the reviews online, particularly the big name magazines and such that are known for...
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    Staying safe in your car

    Oh, that's so sad. I hadn't seen that story. That poor woman must be tormented by 'what ifs' at this point. It's so easy to sit back and say what someone should have done but until you're in that situation, you don't know.
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    Junk Yards

    Definitely junk yards - auto salvage for the politically correct - are the way to go when you can. I'd especially check out the smaller or more rural places as they tend to be less expensive than those found in metropolitan areas.
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    Halloween Rides

    The Munster Coach would be my first choice. Can you imagine that all tricked out? I can't believe they included Herbie in this montage, though. Nothing scary or Halloween-ish about a Beetle.
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    Average cost for a custom paint job?

    My brother and I have been fixing up an old Harley as a gift for our other brother. We'd like to have the tank custom-painted with a design I came up with. I can draw some and the design is cool but I don't know much about painting the tank so I'd like to pay someone to do it. Any ideas about...
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    Heater problems

    Get your thermostat checked first. Believe it or not, when that's defective, it can have effects all over the car. The good thing is that it is one of the easiest and least expensive fixes, if it turns out to be that.
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    Finding "that" smell

    Don't forget to check under the hood and in the trunk. I've had food fall out of the bags taking it home from the store and get hidden behind the jack or my toolbox. Not always nasty but when it turns out to be meat or something like that, it can get really gross and it will permeate the car.
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    Cars in the floods

    And anyone thinking about buying a used car over the next few months, keep Sandy in mind. After Katrina, there were thousands of used cars sold from Florida to Maine that had been pulled out of Katrina. There are a lot of unscrupulous car salesmen.
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    Bearings gone in front driver's side tire

    My brother-in-law asked me about this and I don't have a clue but I figured someone in here might know. The mechanic told him that his bearings in the driver's side front tire were gone and it would be about $300 to fix it. Well, he didn't have the money so he's been pushing on without the...
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    Is OnStar worth it?

    So by the sounds of it, the only real value is during an emergency. I had thought that perhaps other services were included to make it more of a useful thing day to day. I won't bother with it, I guess.
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    Fixing a tear in the seat

    What's the best way to deal with a rip in a vinyl seat? It's just a small tear that I'm thinking the previous owner had something in his pocket or perhaps keys hanging that caught on the seat - that's about where it's located. I want to prevent it from getting bigger but I'd like it to not...
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    Hurricane Sandy

    Hope everyone is doing okay, so far. It's windy as all get out, but the rain is sporadic so far. The eye hasn't even made landfall yet and we're 400 miles away but that's how huge this storm is. Our power is flickering here and there, just from the wind. I have a feeling we'll be losing the...
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    How low are gas prices?

    The gas prices are finally coming down here. We went out to do shopping and errands yesterday and I saw $3.59 as the lowest price along the way. That's a pretty good drop in just a week so I hope the trend continues.