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    Truck smells festive

    Tree smell in car We had the same situation, except the tree was inside our mini-van for an afternoon. We picked up the kids at school the next day, and that's the first thing they noticed. It's so wonderful to be a kid at Christmas.
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    Car lights on busy freeways

    I'm not often out at night in a big city, but we just got home from just such a trip. There was so much traffic coming home, and it started to rain lightly. The winding cars in all the lanes stretching out ahead of us and on the other side of the freeway looked like giant strands of Christmas...
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    I already bought it

    Bad luck with car The very day I bought my new car, paying cash for it, I parked it at the grocery store. A woman came out and let her car slam into the driver's side of my car. Yes, it scratched it, and I've had to look at that car ever since. I was so mad. Of course, she didn't mean it. She...
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    Crazy drivers at the mall

    What gets me is the people, too. They rush right out of the stores and supermarkets and don't even look to see if a car is going down the lot. I would so be afraid of a car's hitting me.
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    Tire Pressure

    Air pressure It's probably been six months since I've checked my air pressure. I do check it when I am headed on an out-of-town trip. I'm guilty of negligence.
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    Volvo Polestar S60

    I would like to drive this car just to see how it feels. I've seen a few pictures and have been impressed by what it does for what it is. We could use one of those in our household.
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    Got the tree!

    We had planned to get ours yesterday, but things changed around here, and it was dark before we even knew it. So we'll squeeze it in one night this week or first thing this weekend. Time's disappearing on us.
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    Christmas storage?

    My neighbor has most of her Santa presents stored in the trunk of her vehicle. She says it's the only way she can make sure her kids don't find their Christmas gifts before it's time. I would be so worried about something happening to them in the car all that time. Is this a normal thing? We...
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    How Much Does it Cost?

    I would like a really good detail job on my car the week before Christmas. We'll be having lots of out-of-town guests, and I would like for them to ride in a clean car. I think I'll just call this an early Christmas present for myself.
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    House smells like Lysol!

    Lately I've been using orange cleaner on all my kitchen surfaces. I do use Clorox, too, but the next day I like going over them with a better smelling spray. I agree. Lysol smells terrible.
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    Decorating your vehicle for Christmas

    Decorating automobiles I do well enough to keep the car cleaned out for Christmas. If you're talking about filling the car full of shopping bags and gift-wrapped packages, then I do a lot of that between now and Christmas. But I'm not adding any strings of lights.
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    Vacuuming - how often

    I vacuum my car once a week on Fridays. That usually does the trick. It is so much easier to keep it clean if I develop a habit and keep it going. Even the family helps me.
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    It always amazes me when people who win a million dollars think they can quit their jobs and live the good life. A million dollars doesn't really last all that long, especially if you quit your job and start spending. I think I could live comfortably for the rest of my life on about three...
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    How much stuff?

    I always keep way too much stuff in my car. I try to clear it out every Friday, but it doesn't take any length of time at all before there are groceries, books, blankets, kids' clothes and papers all over the place, not to mention empty bottles and straw papers from soft drinks. How much stuff...
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    Winter Driving

    I drive a car that works best for the majority of the season. When it's really snowy or icy, I stay home. We don't have that much bad weather through most of the year, and when it's bad out, there should not be too many cars on the roads. I can stay put, so I do.