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    Carry an extra key

    Oh no! I lost my extra key but I only lock the door with my key. So if my key is not in my hand I don't lock the door. Believe me, I have left the keys in the ignition and have gone into the store.
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    Crazy commercial drivers

    I have seen many vehicles do this (me included). I usually am in a hurry when I do it. I never go too far into the intersection though. I would have called the company too. He could have caused a major accident.
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    Hate the defrost

    What kind of vehicle do you drive? I don't think I have ever owned one with a rear defrost. That would stink. It would take quite a while to scrape it without some kind of heat on it.
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    Favorite car movie

    Fast and Furious would be my all time favorite! I loved Herbie too! Christine gave me the creeps! I had a hard time watching the whole movie.
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    Baltimore Ravens are dirty players!

    Smash is right on... they are dirty! They are not a team I like and it is because a lot of their players play dirty. I bet the defense even has bounties like the Saints did.
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    Bike racks and bike carriers

    I like the ones that are on top. I had a hard time seeing out my rear window when we had the bikes on the back. I am five foot ten though so getting the bikes on top wasn't a problem.
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    Tire leaking

    My passenger side rear tire is leaking air! There is no hole in the tire. We put 40 pounds of air in it last Friday and yesterday when we checked it was down to 20. What the heck?
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    Favored For Super Bowl.

    The Bengals are out. I remember when the Steelers were the sixth seed team and they won the Superbowl! Not sure why Opal thinks it is so far fetched for a fourth and sixth seed team to go. Once the playoffs start it is a brand new season.
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    Car Shopping

    I am not in the market for a new vehicle. I really don't know what the best deal is out there. I would think that dealers are trying to unload their 2012 vehicles though. I bet you will find a great deal.
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    Rain-X for Ice

    Nope, I don't think there is a product for frost or ice. If you park your car in the garage at night you should take care of the frost issue. I want a car starter for this problem. Start the car from the house and your windows will defrost without you scraping them.
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    Cleaning Floormats

    I don't like the carpet ones. They get too muddy! I would replace them with the heavy duty plastic ones. They are the easiest to clean. If you can't replace them then I would try using Dawn and a brush and scrub them.
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    Turn with or away?

    If you are driving and hit ice and start to spin which way do you turn your wheel? I have always thought that you should turn it against the spin. I was told today at work that you should turn it the same way you are spinning.
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    What do you use to plow?

    I wish I could the same with the snow situation. As I speak we are getting a lot more. I believe it's been about 5 more inches just this morning. Another storm warning until 9pm tonight. I'm getting tired of it.
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    Favored For Super Bowl.

    Yes! I highly doubt that the Denver Broncos will make it to the big game. Peyton is good but I highly doubt he will be able to take them all the way. I don't know who is going to make it.
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    Are You Done Yet?

    I have a couple of friends who start and finish shopping on the 24th. I just like to be done in early December. I was behind this year too - crept up on me too. Glad you finished in time and glad it was worth it.